Montreal Subways Struck With Smoke Bombs

Revolución 6:3-4 NCV Cuando el Cordero abrió el segundo sello, Oí al segundo ser viviente que decía:, "Venir!" Entonces salió otro caballo, una roja. El que lo montaba le fue dado poder para quitar la paz (prosperidad, resto) de la tierra y hacer que la gente se mata entre sí (carnicero, masacre, para mutilar con violencia, en las calles), y le fue dada una gran espada (asesinos espada, terrorista, fuerte, poderoso, gran temor).

“I believe that the world is about to enter a horrendous time of difficulty, and many Christians will not survive the tribulations to come if we do not learn how to hear from God on a daily basis.”

-Jim Bakker in "El Refugio"

Subway service in Montreal was suspended Friday morning when smoke bombs were detonated in several subway stations according to Montreal police.
Most subways had returned to normal service by 10 am but the entire morning commute was delayed due to the attacks. The city experienced large traffic jams and unusually long waits for bus service.
Police say they found at least three smoke bombs in various stations after receiving emergency calls.
“There are five teams of investigators on the field right now to try to establish exactly who did this,” the media officer for the Montreal police told Reuters news agency this morning.

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