United Nations Report Claims Banning Abortion is Equal to Torture

The United Nations Human Rights Council is claiming that any country who bans abortion is torturing its women.

The report from the Committee against Torture says ithas repeatedly expressed concerns about restrictions on access to abortion and about absolute bans on abortion as violating the prohibition of torture and ill-treatment.

The report uses as driving force a court case of a Polish woman who was not permitted to have an abortion despite the possibility her child might have a birth defect. A UN spokesman said that in her case it was violating policies against the handicapped by denying her an abortion.

Brian Clowes of Human Life International gave a stark rebuttal to the UN report.

Those people born with handicaps are no less human than those who are perfectly healthy in mind and body. To allege otherwise is blatant discrimination,” Clowes told the Christian Post.

Clowes also pointed out that the UN has been complicit in helping countries with forced abortion programs. The UN helped China develop its “one-child” policy that forces abortions on women who have already given birth to one child.

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