Death Totals Still Unknown In Afghanistan Earthquake

Luke 21:11 Il y aura de grands tremblements de terre, pestes et des famines en divers lieux, et les événements terribles, et de grands signes dans le ciel.

"Calamités catastrophiques sont à venir sur la terre, pas un de ces jours dans un avenir lointain, mais bientôt maintenant! Des pluies torrentielles, les conditions météorologiques inquiétantes, violents orages, inondations, famines, sécheresses, tremblements de terre augmentation de la fréquence et de l'intensité, éruptions volcaniques, et une foule d'autres signes des temps, Jésus nous dit de regarder pour se passe maintenant. "

-Jim Bakker dans "la prospérité et l'Apocalypse Coming"

The numbers of deaths are expected to rise as more reports come in from areas in Afghanistan devastated by a pair of weekend earthquakes. Le 5.4 et 5.7 quakes were located a few miles apart and struck within a minute of each other on Monday morning. Landslides buried or destroyed at least 20 village homes.

Three deaths have been confirmed but others are feared to have been buried in the landslides.

The BBC reported most of the homes were buried when part of a mountain fell into a valley in the Hindu Kush range.

“The mountain was big and houses were made out of mud,” a security official told the BBC. “You can imagine the devastating impact.”

The quake hit many remote areas in the country making it difficult for emergency vehicles and personnel to reach those impacted by the disaster.


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  1. Did these precious people know Jesus, did they have an opportunity to hear the Gospel of Christ and be saved before their lives were taken? Oh, Seigneur, let these circumstances be used to draw others in this region to you. Amen.

  2. The time is so close to JESUS’s return that it’s scarey. But just think of what it will be like when he comes after us. PRAISE GOD!

  3. I just lift these poor people up to you Lord,Send your ministring angels to confort them.Bring relief to these poor people Lord.

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