Murdered Woman’s Daughter Testifies In Gosnell Trial

Matthew 19:18 ESV »Et Jésus dit:, "Vous ne devez pas assassiner ..."

Note de l'éditeur: Dans toutes les Écritures, Dieu a clairement fait savoir que verser le sang innocent est assassiner, et qu'aucun meurtrier qui entreront au Paradis. En plus de la mort de l'enfant à naître, avortement nuit aussi considérablement les femmes et de nombreuses fois, familles, maris, copains et toute une sphère de relations connectés et entourant chaque avortement. Souvent, culpabilité permanente et autres services sociaux, relationnel, problèmes spirituels et même physique suivent l'assassiner des bébés innocents dans le sein. Pastor Jim Bakker estime que cette question, avortement, peut-être la question la plus importante qui apporte le jugement de Dieu sur cette nation plus que tout autre.

The daughter of a woman who died because of injuries sustained in Dr. Kermit ’s clinic in Philadelphia testified that her mother had lost consciousness and that clinic staff kept her from attending to her mom.

Karnamaya Mongar, 42, a survivor of 20 months in a refugee camp in Bhutan, died after some unlicensed member of Gosnell’s staff provided her with a fatal combination of oral and intravenous drugs.

Yashoda Gurung told the jury through her Nepalese interpreter that she tried to go in and wish her mother well when she noticed that her mother wasn’t awake.

“My mom was sleeping,” she testified. “That’s what I thought. I tried to wake her up and the lady said ‘Leave her alone’.”

Gosnell is charged with third-degree murder in Mongar’s death along with seven counts of first-degree murder for killing babies who were born alive in his clinic. He faces charges for performing abortions after 24 weeks in violation of federal law.

President Barack Obama finally weighed in on the trial.

“If an individual carrying out an abortion, operating a clinic or doing anything else is violating medical ethics, violating the law, then they should be prosecuted,” the President said on NBC’s Today show.

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