UN Accuses Syrian Army of Rights Abuses

להאיץ 6:3-4 NCV כשהכבש פתח את החותם השני, שמעתי את יצור החי השני אומר, "בואו!" ואז סוס אחר יצא, אחד אדום. רוכבו קיבל כוח כדי לקחת את השלום (שגשוג, שאר) מכדור הארץ ולגרום לאנשים להרוג אחד את השני (קצב, טבח, להטיל מום באלימות, ברחובות), והוא קיבל חרב גדולה (מתנקשים חרב, מחבל, בקול רם, אדיר, כואב מפחד).

"אין כמעט יום שעובר, כאשר החושים שלנו לא הוכו למוות על ידי התפרצות חדשה כמה מהטרור במזרח התיכון. למרות מיטב מאמצינו בביצוע ושמירה על השלום, פוליטי, כלכלי, מתחים דתיים ולעתים קרובות להוביל לתסיסה, אלימות, ומהומות ".

-ג'ים באקר ב" שגשוג והאפוקליפסה הקרובה "

The UN has issued a report stating that the Syrian Army is responsible for the most serious human rights abuses in the nation since March 2012.

The report listed many “unlawful killings” conducted by Syrian military forces to stop anti-government demostrations in Idlib, חאמה, Damascus and four other cities & numerous villages.

The report said that “too often the civilians born the brunt of the violence” between government and opposition forces.

Government forces also used indiscriminate shelling of residential villages where the soldiers claimed people sympathetic to the Free Syrian Army were hiding among the houses. After the shelling, government snipers would come in and shoot those on the street. The government forces also executed entire families inside their homes.

Boys as young as 10 years old were tortured by government interrogators to make them claim other family members were part of the opposition Free Syrian Army. Children wounded by gunfire or torture were denied medical treatment. Children died due to lack of adequate health care during government blockades.

The report also cited attacks by the government opposition forces but noted they were not nearly as widespread as those by government troops.


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