Lori’s House Construction Update

The loud squeal of metal on metal echoes through the green, lush valley.

The plumes of dust and dirt rise slowly into the sky, reflecting, for just a moment, the blazing Ozarks sun.

The rhythmic hum of engines pulse as the bulldozers position themselves for one more pass along the hillside, carving out a space for the foundation of a home that will provide safety, security and hope for women from all over the world.

Dom Lori is being built!

What just weeks ago was the side of a hill behind the Tabernacle is becoming a solid foundation for the construction of Dom Lori. The heavy equipment has almost finished leveling the land on the homesite. The House, being built just feet from the edge of the Tabernacle’s back porch, is being built in a way that has minimal impact on the natural beauty surrounding the construction site.

The rows of trees and the creek in front of the building have been protected throughout the construction. A path will wind along the Tabernacle, past Dom Lori along the creek and out to the fields that will flow with beautiful gardens.

Psalm 144:12 mówi: “mayour daughters [be] like corner pillars cut for the structure of a palace.” Dom Lori, cut from the rock of the hillside, is going to be a corner pillar in the building of homes like this throughout the nation to provide a place where young women can come to learn to be like the corner pillars cut for a palace. Strong, Godly women and mothers who can go out and show the love of Christ to others who come behind them on the long, hard road.

Your gifts to Dom Lori help continue the building of the safe haven for women who believe they have no other place to go. Your donation is a small way to join the fight against the holocaust of abortion in America. Visit the Lori’s House section of our Uwielbiam prezenty page to join us in saving the lives of babies and their mothers.

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