Floods Drive Out Almost One Million In India

Matt 24:10,11 Então ele lhes disse:: "Porquanto se levantará nação contra nação, e reino contra reino. Haverá grandes terremotos, fomes e pestes em vários lugares, e eventos espantosas, e grandes sinais do céu.

Rain in northeastern India is causing flooding in the state of Assam that has forced close to a million people out of their homes.

Of the 27 districts in the state, 21 have been overrun by flood water and at least 27 people have been confirmed dead.

Niamoni Sen Deka, Agriculture Minister, told AFP News that the flooding is the worst in the region since 1998. All rivers in the region are reported to be high and breaching in many places.

In neighbor Bangladesh the heavy rain has caused landslides that have killed over 100.

The death toll could climb after the floods due to disease caused by the polluted floodwater.


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