Terra reivindicada pela casa de Lori

jim-bakker-show-loris-house-prayer (1)

Depois de gravação de ontem do Jim Bakker Show com o rabino Jonathan Cahn, Pastores Jim e Lori Bakker convidou todos os presentes a se juntar a eles no novo site da Casa de Lori. Juntos, andaram a terra e reivindicou a vitória em nome de Cristo, para a construção da casa para fornecer mães solteiras um lugar para ir e encontrar ajuda, paz, atenção médica e de segurança.

Além de ajudar as mulheres que acreditam que eles não têm escolha senão ver o aborto uma alternativa real, ele também será um lugar que as mulheres pós-abortivas será capaz de encontrar ajuda para recuperar.

Em 2008, the most recent year statistics have been released by the US Census Bureau, sobre 1,200,000 babies were killed via abortion in the United States with 1/6th of those dying in California. In Missouri, sobre 7,400 babies lost their lives. The need for a real alternative to women who think abortion is their only option when facing an unexpected pregnancy.

Lori’s House is not designed to help save every woman who finds themselves in that situation. É, contudo, aimed to be a model to churches around the United States to stop talking about abortion and the need to stop it and take practical steps to stop the wholesale destruction of an entire generation of our children. If Lori’s House can help some of these women, your church steps up and does the same thing, other churches join insoon we’ll have a heavy reduction in abortion because these women will have real, practical help from people who love them and love their children.

Recentemente, Pastor Jim and Lori have mentioned on the show that construction on the first location of Lori’s House was stopped due to the opposition of a handful of people. Pastor Jim refused to fight them and turned it over to God. The Lord then guided him to the new location where a hundred people opposed to abortion took to the land, praying for God’s move and praising Him for the opportunity provided to build the home.

Everyone in attendance took home a bag containing a handful of the earth form the site as a reminder to pray for the construction and to speak against the spiritual forces that would come against a place designed to fight for life. The Master’s Choir sang praise to the Lord and Pastor Cedric Hayes joined Pastor Jim in delivering an encouraging and powerful message as well as leading prayer for those in attendance.

An expense of ten thousand dollars was added to the cost of the build because of the new site needing to be cleared and readied for the pouring of the foundation. If you would like to join with us to help build a home that will help save the lives of hundreds of babies and help their mothers from the traumatic experience of abortion, please consider donating right now.