Mali Could Become Home For Islamic Terrorists

Rotação 6:3-4 NCV Quando o Cordeiro abriu o segundo selo, Eu ouvi o segundo ser vivente dizer, "Vir!" Em seguida, saiu outro cavalo, uma vermelha. Seu cavaleiro foi dado o poder de tirar a paz (prosperidade, resto) da terra e fazer as pessoas se matam (açougueiro, chacina, para mutilar violentamente, nas ruas), e foi-lhe dada uma grande espada (assassinos espada, terrorista, alto, poderoso, muito medo).

French President Francois Hollande stated that Mali could become a home for Islamic terrorist groups and become a major threat to the entire region. His comments came during meetings with Niger President Mahamadou Issoufou. Issoufou shared that he had information Malian rebels are being trained by Pakistani and Afghani jihadists.

Issoufou said West African countries would approach the UN Security Council to provide assistance with military operations against the Islamist affiliated group. The French president said France would support such a move but that the African groups would need to be the ones leading it.

Mali experienced a military coup in March 2012 but a breakaway state was claimed in the northern part of the nation by two rebel groups and a connection between at least one of the groups and Al Qaeda has been alleged. Reuters said any action would be under a “Chapter 7” UN mandate which allows the Security Council to approve military interventions.

The costs for such a mission could exceed $200 milhão.


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