Muslim Brotherhood Warning of “Dangerous Days”

Rotação 6:3-4 NCV Quando o Cordeiro abriu o segundo selo, Eu ouvi o segundo ser vivente dizer, "Vir!" Em seguida, saiu outro cavalo, uma vermelha. Seu cavaleiro foi dado o poder de tirar a paz (prosperidade, resto) da terra e fazer as pessoas se matam (açougueiro, chacina, para mutilar violentamente, nas ruas), e foi-lhe dada uma grande espada (assassinos espada, terrorista, alto, poderoso, muito medo).

“Hardly a day goes by when our senses are not bludgeoned by some new outbreak of terrorism in the Middle East. Despite our best efforts at making and keeping the peace, político, econômico, and religious tensions often lead to unrest, violência, and riots.”

-Jim Bakker em "Prosperidade eo Apocalipse Vinda"

The Muslim Brotherhood, recently removed from power as the result of a Supreme Court ruling that overturned the election that placed them in power, is stating that any return of power to those connected to the previous regime will create “dangerous days.”

The threat comes as the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate faces off in the Presidential election this weekend with former prime minister Ahmed Shafiq. Shafiq was the last prime minister of the Mubarak regime.

Power currently rests with the Supreme Council of Armed Forces which has been overseeing the country’s transition to democracy.

Various Islamist groups are calling the ruling by the Supreme Court a “coup” and a denial of the “free will of voters.”

The major decision of the court focused on the requirement that one-third of the parliament seats be reserved for independent candidates. Political parties, mostly the Islamist related parties, were entered into the races for those seats.

The military rulers issued a controversial ruling on Wednesday allowing military forces to arrest civilians for any reason.


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