Drought widens over past week, unlikely to yield through October

Примечание редактора: Пророк Рик Джойнер предупреждает, что, когда вы видите странные и экстремальные погодные условия (рекордные максимумы, минимумы, наводнения, засухи, торнадо, бури), это пророческое знамение, что Откровение дня на нас.

In the United States we used to keep a surplus of grain to last our people five years or more. Those days are gone. Today investing in grain futures is a lucrative (although risky) business because we now maintain so few food products in storage, less than enough for one year. Should a major drought occur in America, in one growing season our nation could be plunged into famine.

A double-barreled dose of bad news came out Thursday: Not only did the drought worsen over the last week, but it’s likely to widen and intensify through the end of October, according to the seasonal outlook prepared by government forecasters.

“К сожалению, all indicators (short and medium-term, Август, and August-October) favor above normal temperatures,” the National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center said in its Seasonal Drought Outlook released Thursday.

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