Oil Spill Closes Mississippi River


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Parts of the Mississippi River were shut down Sunday and remained closed Monday after a weekend collision spilled gallons of sweet crude oil into the river.

A 65-mile stretch of the river is closed to traffic and a Coast Guard spokesman said they are working with local officials and cleanup crews to see when the river might be able to re-open to traffic.

As of Sunday night, 26 vessels were waiting to go up or down river. Officials stopped barge traffic in an attempt to keep the oil from spreading in the river and to keep the oil from contaminating passing vessels.

A barge being pushed by a tugboat collided with another barge carrying grain to cause the spill.

Public drinking water intakes on the river were shut and local officials say they were closed in time to keep the oil from contaminating drinking water systems.

The Port of New Orleans is closed because of the spill although two cruise ships were permitted to leave the ports to being their sea voyages.

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