Catholics in China Protest Cross Removals By Government


Christians in China have had enough of the government’s campaign to eradicate the cross from the country.

“Each time they take a cross down, we will put more up,” one church leader told the Guardian at a protest on Friday. “We are even considering making flags and clothes with cross patterns. We will make the cross flourish throughout China.”

The activists say that the Chinese government has ripped down 1,200 crosses in the last two years with an increase in the amount of crosses torn down in the last few weeks. The focus has been in the Zhejiang province where Christian churches have been flourishing.

Zhejiang has over 300,000 Catholics and one million Protestants between the “official” government churches and underground churches.

“Christianity has grown so fast that Christians outnumber Communist Party members. The whole purpose of this is to control the ‘overheated’ growth of Christianity. They are nervous not just about Christianity but of any organized civil group,” Bob Fu, president of Texas-based non-profit China Aid, told Christianity Today.

In addition to the stripping of crosses from church buildings, many churches have been completely destroyed by the government and local officials.

Fort Worth Teenager Charged For Planning Columbine-Style Attack on Church


A 19-year-old Fort Worth, Texas man is behind bars accused of plotting to launch an attack on a church similar to the Columbine High School massacre.

Nicholar Amrine was arrested in June by Fort Worth police and placed in a state hospital until he was formally charged last week.

Amrine reportedly planned an attack on a youth event called “Fuse.” He had attended the church until he was thrown out by church leaders because of his age and what authorities termed “erratic behavior.”

A pastor with the church called police after Amrine posted threatening and ominous messages on Facebook.

“All the kids that forgot about me are going to get what they deserve,” Amrine posted on June 3. “I may have been hesitant in the past but next time u see me I will not hesitate about anything. It will be over in a flash, it will be over in a bang, u will see my face, and then nothing else ever again.”

He also posted photos of Columbine shooters Dylan Harris and Eric Klebold, calling them “my heroes.”

The church cancelled the special youth event out of concern for Amrine’s threats.

Amrine is facing a felony charge of making terroristic threats. He has been bonded out of jail and posted an apology on Facebook.

“That is not who I am and I would never do such a thing,” the teen said on July 2. “The things I posted on Facebook were wrong and I should have never done that.”

Carl Gallups Morning Worship And Our Covenant with God


Sunday morning, July 5th, worship began at Morningside with gratitude. This was the last day of an incredible seven day Fourth of July Celebration! The congregation expressed thankfulness to our Lord for all of the amazing prophets that have spoken over the past week, for the fellowship with people from all around our nation, for the healing by God’s merciful love and for the hard work and dedication of the staff and volunteers that made this week possible.

After a truly powerful prayer and worship service, Morningside opened their hearts and ears to hear a message from Pastor Carl Gallups. Carl Gallups is a Pastor (since 1987), a best selling author, conservative radio talk show host, and the founder of the online PNN News and Ministry Network.

Pastor Gallups spoke to the congregation on what is happening now in the United States and the Covenant of God that was made at the foundation of this Great Country. He stated that, “The United States of America became the most powerful and richest nation the planet had ever seen and the most benevolent. The U.S. has been used by God because we made a covenant with God at the very beginning. Israel is the ultimate covenant nation. Israel is the nation that God came to and said I am in covenant with you. But, the U.S. is a covenant nation like no other planet the world has seen.”

Reminding all of us of what is in the Declaration of Independence, the first document in the creation of this nation that this is the creed upon which our nation was founded:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Pastor Gallup went on further describing the moment that George Washington took his oath in office, swearing on the Bible and then in front of a nation, kissed the Bible in his hand. “Please remember that in his first inaugural address, Washington prayed to God and afterward prayed with other members of leadership for two hours at St. Paul’s Cathedral that sits now at Ground Zero. In the Constitution it states quite simply at the bottom of the page… Signed in the YEAR OF OUR LORD! Don’t let anyone tell you that this nation was not founded without God in it!”

In this timely sermon Pastor Gallups described the darkness we feel that is covering our country and that while we may have patriotism there is something else that is needed now more than ever.

Preserve the freedoms we have. Take that freedom in these prophetic days to proclaim the gospel! Now even in America darkness is beginning to move in quickly. I am a patriot. I am patriotic! But I am convinced now that America doesn’t need more patriotism, it needs more repententance! We need more of God’s Word! ”

Arizona Church Says “Don’t Abort, We’ll Adopt”


A Phoenix area church is telling women in their area who are facing an unplanned pregnancy that they will adopt their children in an attempt to stop them from killing their child via abortion.

Members of St. Stephen’s Parish say they hope the billboard will reach women who are considering abortion to make another choice.

“We’re just there to help, you know, if we can help save babies and you know, help these mothers and fathers. That’s what our goal is, you know, not to be judgmental. That’s not what this is about,” said Anne DeRose, the parish’s Respect Life Coordinator.

DeRose says the church has families that are ready to adopt but that the church will also partner with Catholic charities to find homes for every woman that is looking for adoption over abortion.

The Arizona Department of Health Services reported over 13,000 abortions in the state last year.

Charleston AME Church Holds First Service Since Shooting


The Charleston AME church has had their first service since the horrific, race motivated killings of nine church members during a bible study.

“The doors of the church are open. No evildoer, no demon in hell or on Earth can close the doors of God’s church,” Rev. Norvel Goff Sr., a presiding elder of the 7th District AME Church in South Carolina, told the congregation, according to CNN.

The gunman, Dylann Roof, claimed that he wanted to “start a race war.” Roof also reportedly said the church was a secondary target; that he initially considered attacking the College of Charleston.

“It’s by faith that we are standing here and sitting here,” Goff said during the service. “It has been tough. It has been rough. Some of us have been downright angry. But through it all God has sustained us. … Lots of folks expected us to do something strange and break out in a riot. Well, they just don’t know us.”

The new interim leader added, “We have shown the world how we as a group of people can come together and pray and work out things that need to be worked out.”

Goff will remain at the church until a new pastor is named.

Pastors from around the community came together to rally around the church.

“As a pastor in this city, a husband and a father to two boys and two girls, my heart broke in grief and disbelief,” Rev. Brandon Bowers, a white man who is the lead pastor of Awaken, said. “What the enemy intended for evil, God is using for good. We are here to pray for the healing that needs to come.”

Leaders in South Carolina are now calling for the banning of the Confederate flag in the wake of the shooting. The hanging of the flag in the state’s capitol has become a serious point of contention.

“The Confederate battle flag, years and years ago, was appropriated as a symbol of hate,” Charleston Mayor Joseph P. Riley said, and having it fly at the state Capitol “at best sends mixed messages to those who want to understand it as a part of history.”

Supreme Court Sides With Church On Arizona Sign Law


The U.S. Supreme Court has struck down an Arizona law that forced churches to display their signs at night while other signs were allowed to be continually displayed.

The Good News Community Church of Gilbert, Arizona had filed suit in 2008 over a city ordinance that prohibited signs pointing out directions to an event from being erected more than 12 hours before an event and more than one hour after the scheduled beginning of the event.

The city kept telling the church they put up too many signs and that they left them displayed for too long.

The church said that the law was unfairly being applied to churches. Political signs were not given the same restrictions for being displayed at short times. For signs that are not non-ideological there are no restrictions on the time for display.

The Supreme Court in a unanimous decision ruled the city was discriminatory in the law and thus declared it unconstitutional.

“[A]n innocuous justification cannot transform a facially content-based law into one that is content neutral,” the justices wrote. “Innocent motives do not eliminate the danger of censorship presented by a facially content-based statute, as future government officials may one day wield such statutes to suppress disfavored speech.”

“That is why the First Amendment expressly targets the operation of the laws—i.e., the ‘abridg[ement] of speech’—rather than merely the motives of those who enacted them,” the ruling continued.

The Alliance Defending Freedom, which represented the church, hailed the Court’s decision.

“The Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling is a victory for everyone’s freedom of speech,” said ADF Senior Counsel David Cortman in a statement. “Speech discrimination is wrong regardless of whether the government intended to violate the First Amendment or not, and it doesn’t matter if the government thinks its discrimination was well-intended. It’s still [the] government playing favorites, and that’s unconstitutional.”

Arson Attack On Israeli Christian Church


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is vowing to capture and punish whoever is behind the arson attack on a Christian church near the See of Galilee.

“This outrageous arson attack against the church is an attack on all of us,” he said. “Freedom of worship in Israel is one of our core values and is guaranteed under the law. We will bring to justice those responsible for this crime. Hate and intolerance have no place in our society.”

The Church of Loaves and Fishes was burned around 3:30 a.m. causing extensive damage to the church both inside and out. Hebrew graffiti was painted on the church leading officials to believe the incident was an arson attack.

“I am sure that the police force will do everything in its power to arrest those responsible, and to prevent similar attacks in the future,” Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely said. “The State of Israel safeguards the freedom of worship of all faiths and completely rejects any and all attempts to harm it.”

“I strongly condemn the attack and any types of violence against representatives of religious institutions or the institutions themselves. It is necessary to ensure that these institutions will remain protected in Israel, as well as in Germany and Europe. Incidents such as these must not be allowed to be repeated,” German Ambassador Andreas Michaelis said at the site of the attack.

The church was built in the 1980s on the site of 4th and 5th century churches. It is the location where Jesus is believed to have performed the miracle of multiplying the loaves and fishes.

Nine Dead In Charleston Church Shooting


A white gunman walked into a historically black church in Charleston, South Carolina on Wednesday night. He sat in the prayer service for about an hour before he pulled a gun, opened fire and killed 9 people including the pastor who was also a state senator.

The gunman has been identified by the FBI as 21-year-old Dylann Roof of Lexington, South Carolina. He was apprehended Thursday morning in Shelby, North Carolina, about three hours away from the shooting site.

“This is a situation that is unacceptable in any society and especially in our society and our city,” Charleston Police Chief Gregory Mullen said.

Officials confirmed that three men and six women were killed in the shooting. The gunman reportedly reloaded five times during the assault.

Witnesses said that the pastor, Clementa Pinckney, tried to talk the gunman out of the attack. Sylvia Johnson, a cousin of the pastor who survived the assault.

“He just said, ‘I have to do it. You rape our women and you’re taking over our country,” Johnson said.

The incident is being investigated as a hate crime.

“The only reason that someone could walk into a church and shoot people praying is out of hate,” Charleston Mayor Joseph P. Riley said. “It is the most dastardly act that one could possibly imagine, and we will bring that person to justice. … This is one hateful person.”

Christians In China Put Crosses Back On Churches


The atheist government of China has been removing crosses from church buildings throughout the country for the last few years.

Now, the Christians are pushing back.

A group of protestant churches are putting their crosses back on the buildings in an act of civil disobedience to the government. Sixteen churches in the cities of Lishui and Fuyang are replacing the crosses. In some cases, elderly church members are replacing the churches three times a day after the government comes back to take the crosses back down.

Last month, government officials said all crosses in the nation need to come down. The move is believed to be in response to the exponential growth of the church despite the government’s efforts.

“The central goal of this campaign is to minimize Christianity and to limit its access to ordinary people,” says Bob Fu, director of ChinaAid.

“There’s an enormous struggle across China brought by the rise of worshipers that seem to really believe,” says Terence Halliday, a director of the Center for Law and Globalization in Chicago who has worked in China. “Christianity now makes up the largest single civil society grouping in China. The party sees that.”

A new survey shows that protestant Christians in the country number between 50 and 100 million with about 6 million Catholics. The ruling party has 70 million members.

ISIS Destroys Ancient Iraqi Church


Islamic terrorists have burned down an ancient Iraqi church so they can build a mosque on the site.

Christian symbols and relics were destroyed in the church. Terrorists posted fliers throughout Mosul saying the Syrian Orthodox Church of St. Ephraim is going to be reopened as “mosque of the mujahideen.”

“They (ISIS) take everything from us, but they cannot take the God from our hearts, they cannot,” said Nicodemus Sharaf, archbishop of the Syriac Orthodox Church in Mosul, who’s now a refugee.

The homes and businesses of Christians in Mosul are now marked for destruction according to a report in the BBC.

The terrorists have become so extreme that Muslims in Mosul say they’ve stopped attending mosques.

“The group has even replaced the imams in the mosques with pro-IS people,” a Mosul resident named Hisham told the BBC. “Many of us have stopped going to the mosques because those attending are asked to give an oath of allegiance and we hate that.”

Hisham reported that restrictions on women are so severe that a man was beaten because his wife’s gloves did not completely cover her hands.