Pastor Who Shares Space With Black Mass Location Speaks Out


A pastor whose church meets in a space that is about to be defiled by Satanists performing a “black mass” and mock exorcism is speaking out about his church’s place of worship being degraded with government approval.

Tom Mannin of Oklahoma City Community Church worships in the same Oklahoma City Civic Center where the Satanists will mock Christianity later this month.

“As a church, we want to respond as people of love, who are consistent with the teachings of Jesus and the ways he responded to those who rejected him and even hated him,” Mannin wrote. “So we will speak gracefully and peacefully of the people at the black mass gathering. We will pray for God’s love to abound in our city and among its people of varying belief.”

The mass reportedly has sold out in a theater space of 92 people. The event has received significant backlash from the community for their stated intent of mocking Christianity and the fact they had stolen sacred items from a Catholic church for use in the mass (that was later returned.)

The group conducting the mass is not even local; it is a New York City group.

Muslims Force Jerusalem Church Out of Building


After seven years of harassment, graffiti, sabotage and physical assaults by Muslims, a Christian church has left their building in East Jerusalem.

Calvary Baptist Church moved out of their building in the Shofat area of Jerusalem looking for a safer, permanent home. The Islamists went from threatening the church to threatening the landlord who allowed the church to meet inside his property.

“It was very emotional, because a lot of our people really started to grow there,” Pastor Steven Khoury said. “Most of the growth happened in Shofat because of the persecution.”

The pastor said within 10 days of moving in, a Muslim attempted to stab a church member outside a worship service.

Their playground area was destroyed when Muslims threw molotov cocktails in an attempt to burn down the building.

The church was Pastor Khoury’s second attempt to plant a church in Jerusalem.

Southern Baptist Convention Elects “Radical” Head Of International Mission Board


The Southern Baptist Convention announced the election of a “radical” as the head of their International Mission Board.

Pastor David Platt, author of the book “Radical” and an fierce advocate for international missions, was elected to had the IMB for the denomination’s 16 million members.

“I believe Southern Baptists want to come together for the spread of the Gospel,” said Platt.

“While the world is becoming more hostile and anti-Christian in some places, it’s as if [young missionaries'] passion is growing equally to go to those hard places,” David Uth of the IMB presidential search committee told Christian Post. “That’s where we hear young couples saying they want to go, that they want to be radically obedient to what God has called us to do for the nations. The passion is there. How do we equip them and resource them? How do we incorporate strategy that’s effective? David is going to address that in a way that’s going to bring maximum impact.”

Pastor Rick Warren, whose church is non-denominational but is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention, said he was “thrilled and excited” by the appointment of Platt and LifeWay Research president Ed Stetzer called Platt “a leader whose private life matches his public face.”

“Even in a generation where religious pluralism, moral relativism, and biblical skepticism are increasing, there is still power in the Word by His Spirit so He is still drawing people to Himself,” Platt told CP. “I can’t think of anything particularly creative or innovative that I am or we are doing, apart from proclaiming His word and trying to authentically live it out. I believe that when we are faithful to do that then the Lord will draw people to Himself. I think God has designed this whole picture so that only He can get the glory for success in bringing people to Himself.”

Truck Crashes Through Side of Church


The New Boston First Church of the Nazarene could be without a building for up to a year after a drunk driver crashed his truck through a wall.

“I was notified about this about four o’clock this morning,” Pastor Mike Percell told reporters. “We’re waiting on the state to come with structural engineers and insurance companies adjusters to decide what to do. Right now the (New Boston) Fire Department has condemned the sanctuary so we’re moving next door to the (New Boston) Community Building for our services starting Sunday. The rest of the building is intact – no problems.”

The Portsmouth-Daily Times said the accident happened around 3:15 a.m. Friday.

The driver, 21-year-old Samuel Gibson, reportedly tested .13 for blood alcohol level, well above the point for Operating a Vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The truck was reportedly traveling so fast that it went airborne before striking the church and landed on its roof.

Gibson and his passenger suffered only minor injuries and were treated and released from a local hospital.

Pastor Percell said the damage inside is more significant than outside because the walls and roof are now unstable.

Are You the “Real Deal”?

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Are You the Real Deal?

Matthew 24:12 tells us one of the characteristics of the last days will be that the “love of many will grow cold.” I don’t know about you, but when I thought of that verse before, I always thought Jesus was talking to those who were outside the Church; those that were in the ‘world’. But of recent days, I have begun to see how this verse may apply to those who are within the Church, or appear to be in the Church.

In the last days, churches will contain both, wheat (the real deal Christians) and tares (pretenders). Within their ranks, there will be those who are ruled and motivated by many things; some by a search for significance, some by a need for control, some by a need for recognition, and some are motivated by love. Jesus said not to try and separate them because only He knows the heart – and if you try to uproot the tares, you may pull up and destroy some wheat with them. But be assured, there is a Church within the church. Continue reading

Meriam Ibrahim Arrives In United States


Meriam Ibrahim’s long journey to freedom has finally ended.

Ibrahim, her husband Daniel Wani and their children arrived in New Hampshire Thursday. The family arrived at the airport in Manchester to a huge, cheering crowd consisting of many of the Sudanese-American population of the city.

The family is going to be living in Wani’s home in the city near his brother and family.

The members of Sudanese Evangelical Covenant Church held signs saying “God Bless You” and cheering the family all the way to a waiting car. The church has been preparing Wani’s home for the family and providing all the necessary items for the family to start a new life.

Rev. Joel Kruggel, pastor of Bethany Covenant Church which sponsors the Sudanese church, says he wants the family to “absorb the fact that they are safe in New Hampshire, where life can be closer to normal.”

China Removes More Crosses From Churches


The crackdown on churches in China is ramping up again.

Chinese police in Wenzhou forcibly removed the cross from the top of a local church building. The members of the church gathered around the fallen cross, weeping and praying for the men who conducted the removal.

The congregants had tried to protect the cross atop Longgang Huai En Church but hundreds of police descended on the building and overwhelmed the church members. The government said the cross on top violated the city’s ordinance on the height of buildings within the city.

The government workers did make an unusual step in allowing the church members to keep the cross inside their building.

The Chinese government is cracking down on churches in Wenzhou, called the “Jerusalem of China” by local Christians because of the revival of faith in the city. The International Chrsitian Concern says that the government has not only encouraged local officials to remove crosses from buildings but are offering political promotions to those who succeed in shutting down churches.

Boko Haram Terror Attack Kills 5 In Kano Nigeria


The Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram has made another deadly attack on a Christian church in Nigeria.

The terrorists bombed Saint Charles Catholic Church in Kano, Nigeria on Sunday, killing at least 5 people and wounding 8 others. The bombing happened shortly after the ending of Sunday mass as the crowd was beginning to leave the building. Police estimate the weapon was an IED thrown from across the road.

The attack was one of two attempted in Kano on Sunday. A woman wearing a homicide bomb vest was surrounded and isolated by police, detonating her device where she could not cause damage. Five officers were slightly wounded when she detonated the device.

In a surprising show of support to the Christian community of Kano, Muslim officials cancelled the city’s celebrating of the Eid festival marking the end of the Muslim month of Ramadan.

Government officials say that Boko Haram has started receiving weapons and training from other al-Qaeda related groups like Al-Shabab in Somalia.

Military Bans Troops From Vacation Bible School Honor


A small country church in Carthage, Missouri wanted to honor veterans and soldiers during their Vacation Bible School. The military banned troops from going to the event.

Paramedics, police and firefighters in the community showed up Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to talk to the kids, teach them some basics of their jobs and receive thanks for their efforts to make the community better.

On Thursday, when the National Guard was supposed to show up, no one was there.

The military told the National Guard troops they were banned from the event and if they showed up at all on the grounds of the church they could face discipline. The military said that just the presence of the troops or any National Guard asset meant they were sponsoring the Baptist religion.”

The military officers were more concerned about someone who is not a Christian being offended by the troops appearing at the church than they were about any Christians who might be upset at being told they weren’t worth visiting.

The Missouri National Guard reportedly tried to do all they could to attend the event but it was at the federal level where the ban on associating with Christians was ordered.

National Guard troops were furious at the Defense Department’s actions.

“We had a lot of disappointed kiddos because of the National Guard being unwilling to allow a Humvee and a few soldiers to spend an hour at a Baptist Church,” a Guardsman said. “It makes we wonder what I’m actually fighting for.”

Loving God – Loving Each Other

Things are really happening fast in our world and we find ourselves racing toward the Second Coming of Jesus at lightning speeds. People are really looking for a “now” word and they often look to us. That’s why I want to say that there is no more important word than the one the follows: The Church must come together as a family who love each other and pray and support each other because things are going to get real crazy, very soon.

There are many people who know Jim and me because we are public figures, and more and more of them are becoming closer to us as we experience the signs of Revelation. I have had people write in and tell us that we are their “family” and I have to tell you, that really touches my heart and we feel the same way. Continue reading