Frequently Asked Questions

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Jim Bakker Show

Q: Are the shows live or are they taped?
A: The shows are recorded before they are aired. If you would like to see the show live, you can watch it on our website or come to Morningside to join in the festivities. We would love to have you, no admission required.


Q: Where has the live chat gone?
A: Due to updates that are being made to the website, the chat has been temporarily removed. It will be back at a later date, that is to be determined.

Q: It tells me that I am not a valid user when I try to log in to my account on the website?
A: Due to migration issues from the previous web hosting company, we were not able to migrate user’s passwords or any transactional data before June 2011. If you had an account, you should be able to use the “forgot password” link on the new login page. If that does not work, you will need to create a new login.