It Can’t Happen to Us – CAN IT?

Sometimes I’m amazed at the unconcerned mindsets and attitudes the majority of the people who live in this country have.  It seems that no matter what is going on all around us, how much economic turmoil we hear about and see in the news,  or how much chaos the world is experiencing – it seems as though people carry on with a lackadaisical attitude of que sera sera – whatever will be will be. 

How can they do that?  I honestly don’t get it.  I’m a mother and a wife.  My family is my major concern for me.  I am concerned enough about the ones I love to do what I can to spare them any unnecessary pain or grief or lack in Times of Trouble. 

Yesterday and today, I have been watching the news about those poor people in Japan.  The pictures and the videos are heart-wrenching!  My heart goes out to that nation and that people!  Yesterday, I saw a young couple standing in line for milk and diapers for their one-year-old.  Can you imagine not being able to feed your baby or diaper it?

Years ago, right after Katrina, I remember seeing or hearing about an emergency package that people could grab to take with them in  case of a natural disaster or other urgent situation.  It contained everything you need to survive when all of your normal essentials of life were somehow taken from you or otherwise destroyed.  It was from this idea that I asked Jim to develop a “Grab ‘n Go” backpack that we could have for our family in Times of Trouble.  He liked the idea so much that he thought we should share it with others.  It is now available through our on-line store or by calling 1(888) 988-1588.

You know, it’s not the time to criticize people like us for having things like this available!  Please, let’s get past the silliness and just GET READY! 

The prophetic dreams, visions and revelation that the Lord gives his people are for a reason!  We are not to ignore them!  Do what you can today for your family and then rest in the fact that we are in the hands of a loving God.

As this disaster in Japan goes on and on, we are being given the time and the prophetic warning that it is coming to this country through many voices.  Don’t ignore it! Jim has been saying that there will be a 9.0 in Japan and then after that, Los Angeles will have an earthquake.

What if California falls into the ocean?  What if the New Madrid fault gives way in the middle of this country?  I DON’T WANT TO BE AN ALARMIST BUT I DO WANT TO BE A REALIST!  And above all, I want to be wise in preparing for a catastrophe.  I don’t want anyone I love to have to suffer unnecessarily, and I want to have something left over to give to others.    

This truly could be the Church’s finest hours if we WAKE UP, LISTEN AND PREPARE! 




32 thoughts on “It Can’t Happen to Us – CAN IT?

  1. I feel the Lord has spoken to my heart to concentrate on water.
    I am a canner and have canned my own food. I also love the food
    for health products. They have such a long shelf life. I have ordered
    the seychelle pitcher, the hand pump for the 55 gallon drum I purchased. Also the shower head from Seychelle. When I heard on a
    show recently that cancer cells cannot grow in a body saturated
    with pure water. I said that’s for me, since I faced that enemy
    before. However if you live in a city, you need to have a way to
    purify your water. My husband and I both worked for a major
    supermarket in Florida and when hurricanes were forecast the water
    flew off the shelf in hours. How much more in a major catastrophe.
    One could always fill the tub in a second bathroom and purify that.
    I do have a question if someone has the answer. My 55 gallon drum I
    have not filled yet. I want to keep the water reasonably pure and am
    not sure how to do that. I know it will be filtered well with the
    seychelle pump. But for long time storage what to do. Also would be
    fantastic to purchase a rain barrel. I have done a lot of research
    and believe Food for Health and Seychelle are the best products out
    there. Also the sprouting bucket is fantastic. I want to learn more
    about the raised garden beds. Has anyone heard Perry Stone’s dream
    called my latest dream and what’s coming. He also talks how the
    Lord shows him such devastation from water, worldwide. A food shortage
    because of flooding. In his dream he was telling people they were
    going to need food. Farmers would not be able to plant crops because of flooding. Jim was warning get to higher ground. People do all that
    you can do to prepare. Don’t fear, just calmly make your preparations.

  2. Lori you are Jim are doing a wonderful job, sounding the alarm.
    Some people have the mistaken notion because we are Christians, nothing bad will ever happen. The scriptures say many are the afflictions of the righteous, but theLord is able to deliver them from them all. You said, you are addicted to the news, I am addicted to your show. I try to watch 3 times a day. I have this image in my mind of an old fashioned alarm clock sounding at the midnight hour. Everyone fast asleep not answering the alarm. Thanks to your show, some of us are waking up. I also was impressed with the solar charger. Can that be purchased seperately. love you guys

  3. Thank you Lori. I feel the same as you do and the mother in me wants to protect and prepare for whatever comes my way.
    I tell those I know and love to prepare, and my own family looks at me like I’m a fanatic of some sort. Unfortunately I can’t prepare for everybody and my heart is grieved that so many refuse to listen.
    I can’t help but think of that old hymn;
    “On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand, all other ground is sinking sand.”
    God Bless you Lori and Jim.
    p.s. Did God give Jim any prophey on the New Madrid fault?

  4. Lori, My husband and I feel blessed to be able to watch and listen to you and Jim about being prepared. With gas masks, Saychelle products, flashlights and food storage, we feel we are prepared and trying to get our friends and families prepared also. We have found that most of them are not interested to our great dismay. Thank you again for all you are doing, please keep up the ‘God’s Work’ you are doing.

    I would like to know more about Lori’s House, where and when will it be being built? We toured the facalities at Morningside now and they are beautiful, God has blessed you both and your family.

    We have also recently been growing our own sprouts and they are delicious!!!

    Love you in Christ

    • see that is one thing we need gas masks! We don’t have any and I don’t know where to get them! sigh pray k my Lord I just feel so bad about this. None of my family believe me and God!

  5. This is my first time visiting this website and I decided to do so after recently watching your broadcast on preparing for what is coming to America. I know of one other national ministry that has stepped out and is declaring the same word. Regardless of the mocking, ridicule and snickering that comes from the world and shallow believers, I am grateful for a ministry that is not afraid to proclaim such a Word. As I write this comment I am troubled in my spirit (NOT FEARFUL BUT GRIEVED)and the condition of the American church. I’m disappointed that so few are telling their congregations to prepare. I wonder if they can hear what God is saying or if pride and their image and reputation are keeping their lips sealed. I have sat down with my wife and we have talked extensively about this issue. We have decided to begin to work on keeping a emergency supply and stock kit with 30 days of supplies. We will do this on a ongoing basis until we feel a release from the Lord. As a Christians we would all agree that we have been taught that God will protect and provide for us in times of trouble. I always interpreted that as meaning God would move on my behalf in the MIDST of the calamity. I feel that what God is doing now is providing and protecting before the destruction comes. I feel that He is giving us warnings to prepare and is providing the means to prepare. We have nothing to fear, we are His people and He is our God. But we cannot wait until disaster hits and then prepare, we must already be in provision mode. I feel that depending upon the severity of a crisis, super markets will be completely emptied within 2-3 hours. That will not be the time to go bulk shopping. There is so much more I want to write but I do not want to scare anyone. In addition to the basic non perishables we have decided to include two way radios that do not rely upon cell phone grids. These would be used to communicate with family if there is no cell phone or internet service. The United States Patriot Act and new regulations within the FCC grants authority to the President to suspend internet and cell service during a national crisis. As I close I am reminded of how God provided for the children of Israel by raining down manna from Heaven. But God required the men of each home to go out each morning and gather for their families. I do not want to ignore this warning (coming calamity)and not prepare to only look my family in the eyes afterward and say I heard God but did not act.

    I thank you for your willingness to step out in this area. Even if only one family decided to prepare it would be worth it. On the other hand the scoffers and mockers may unfortunately see that God is not mocked.

    All I can say is that I am going to prepared. Even if judgment is stayed the investment in a 30 day supply kit is still worth it when I consider all the silly stuff that we as Americans spend money on.

    God Bless You, and Keep On Keepin’ On!


  6. Yhank you both for continually keeping us alert and ready. Thank you for helping my Rose be aware that we DO need to be ready too there at Master’s. She really SEES it today! We are storing water that we can purify with our Seychelle pitcher when it’s needed as well as the food. If we never have to use it–PRAISE THE LORD–we’ll have it for our retirement days. But if we do–we’ have it!

    • amen got a brita water pitcher and a bunch of water stored up too, and a new filter but we should be buying more. And weapons and extra of everything you need tp and all of it wheew it’s so hard because were broke and are also using ours too.

  7. Lori,
    Thank you guys SOOOO much for informing us all with what situations we may need to be prepared for, AND solutions,i.e. great products!

    This is vital stuff, and I too, don’t understand WHY an intelligent person would want to take the chance of NOT being prepared. It could be the difference between life or death for yourself or someone else.

    I trust God 100%, but He’s given me the Word, and a brain to use…He has His part and I have mine! 🙂

  8. Hi Lori,
    Just REMEMBER, they ALL laughed at Noah and his family, sadly, only 8 souls were SAVED then!!! Listen, Jesus was impressing on my heart to write you and Jim, even before the earthquake in Japan, to tell you how much of a VERY ADMIRABLE JOB you ALL are doing!!! The disaster’s ARE CERTAINLY COMING, none of us knows exactly when they will hit, some of us know where, like Jim and I am glad, I PRAY, for our CHOSEN top spiritual leader’s in Christ, to HEAR CLEARLY FROM HIM, so that we can look to be delivered from the evil to come. People need to quite condemning both of you for your past transgression’s, where repentance and change have occurred, it is CLEAR THRU YOUR ACTS OF DIVINE LOVE OF CARING FOR ALL TRIBES OF PEOPLE NOW, you are not still practicing those sins. I have seen, usually those doing all the condemning, are the ones still practicing the sin that would send them to eternal death, poor soul’s! Keep up the EXCELLENT WORK for THE KINGDOM OF THE MOST HIGH, TRUE AND LIVING GOD!!! The Shield Of Jesus Name Protect You, Elaine M. Fox

  9. Hi, Lori!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you! It’s crazy how so many people say that they think nothing will ever happen or that they’re just trusting God. Preparing can be a challenge when time or money is at a minimum, but what gets me is when people don’t even try. I had a couple thoughts I’ve been wanting to share with you. The first was it might be nice to point out to people that when you fill the top part of the pitchers with water they can spill over the sides into the bottom part without getting filtered. I was just thinking it’d be important to be careful of that if the water was dangerous to drink. Secondly, people should consider having cloth diapers and extra disposables on hand. Cloth are great if you don’t have access to disposables from the store and disposables are nice to have if you don’t have access to water to wash them. Lastly, people should try to get winter coats, mittens, and snowboots for their children as early as they can. In some areas it can get deathly cold and wouldn’t it be great to know that you have winterwear for your kids if you couldn’t get to a store or if there just wasn’t any around at all? We appreciate your ministry VERY much!!!

    • I forgot one thing. The straw bottles from Seychelle are great, but the sport top bottles are better for emergencies. If you just have the straw bottle(like in a backpack) you can’t squirt water out to cook with or to give to someone(person or pet) who can’t suck. PLEASE keep offering the sport tops for this important reason! Thank you!

    • amen it’s going to be real ruff on those with small children, my son is now 21 and is backslidden and he and his friend are precious but stinkers in their flesh sometimes you know how that is. But i love them and try to warn them as much as they can handle they are smart they know something is up. Kyle was trained up with the Words of God amen and He knows the truth. And his sister is Kaliegh up in Wyoming I think she is safe for a while she is living over a huge storage of lava there and not sure how much in Casper where she is or where our grandson, steel lives there or in Rawlings. And I pray for their safety too I think when it’s time to flee we should head up their way but according to my collegues and prophets and what God says is safe to us at that time. If only Southern Cali wasn’t going to be devistated our pool holds lots of water but we need to get out of here out of the state is what God is warning us of int he near future when.

      • ps I pray we can all get out of here before it all hits us because my flesh is so freaked out of dying in a natural disaster of fire or muddy ocean not sure what in Yeshua’s name forive us all LOrd help us. Amen

  10. Dear Lori, I became born-again thru the ministry of Jim and the PTL Club when I was 24 years old. I am now 59 years old. My mom at that time became born-again also thru Jim’s ministry. God totally changed our lives. I never read the Bible before, but the first thing I did was pick up the Bible and read the book of Revelation. I believed every word. I’ve been telling my friends and relatives for years that Jesus will come one day probably in our generation and the world will change with many disasters. Well, here it finally comes. Seeing Jim on T.V. once again was like coming home. I asked the Lord why I feel so protective of Jim thru the years and care about him. The Lord said because he’s your ‘spiritual father’. He shared Christ with me and I got saved. Please share that with Jim. My mom passed away in 1988 at 66 years old. Young yet, but I’m sure needed by the Lord, and I knowing where she’s at has given me peace because I miss her so. She shared Jesus with people wherever she went, especially the malls. She was told she was ‘the mother of many’. What a blessing! Yes, Lori I am one that is not not laughing at you or Jim. I know you are both annointed to speak out about Jesus’ coming and to prepare. It is an exciting time for the believer. But I know now it’s also my time to once again to speak out to my relatives and friends to be ready! I’m going to make sure I have the food buckets, water pitchers, flashlights end emergency items for me and my family. Once again, thank you both for your obedience to the Lord. You will both be in my prayers and your family. In Jesus Love, Judy

  11. Lori…thank you for being perservant in sounding the alarm…we need to be prepared as best we can. I am living in Florida, and have been here since 2004. This was a bad hurricane season here…I was truly in a state of preparedness constantly during hurricane season and questioned the decision to come here from Massachusetts. Hence, I have things stored for “just in case”. I know I do not have all I will need ,but I at least have something. I hear the prophets warnings and the scriptures to support the prophets….I am trying to tell others..and yes sometimes they ridicule and think we are nuts..but my spirit bears witness to what Jim has been saying and the prophets. I see prophecy coming true ….God has shown things to people to help us be prepared…I see prices even at Walmart rising faster than one could imagine, I have seen the weather extremes, and other things that the prophets have told us about.I try to watch live as I am able, but have been taking care of my Mom who is 85 and has some health issues and have only seen the show a couple of times live recently…I do see it on TV though , so I do not feel I am losing everything. I hope to be watching this week live to see what God has for us to know. I am praying for you and your family and will continue to do so….you have been a blessing in my life and so many others. Hugs and love to you and your family and all at Morningside..Myrtle aka MyMy1 in the I family

    • amen sis I am also taking care of my mother in law tho, and she is 82 and is sick and am sharing her care with my brother in law who is trying to stay on the wagon is a x crack head and alki, on pyche meds to keep him off them. Sad been through lots with him but now he is feeling sick or he has fallen slightly off the wagon and am running her around buying her some of the things she needs. And helping her out and not being paid much but get to keep and drive their car. She is a Japanese buddist and God kept all of our family in Japan safe. Am not by blood Japanese & siberian like my children and in laws. Am glad they are okay but now I hear much of Japan is going to go too! Go oh no! And so will California the whole place is going to be gone but the Lord is going to keep us for that Word look at the end of the messsege they are approving it now if they don’t allow it please write me at my e-mail for it ty so much so much is going on it’s not easy sometimes I even drink a little but am not a drinker no wine bibber. My dad was killed by to much of it and ciggerettes!
      Shalom and Gbu

  12. Hi Lori,
    Watch you every day and appreciate so much your commitment to the Lord and your calling. The Lord has been speaking to me as well to
    prepare my family, even tho I have been laughed at some times!
    I have a Prayer request however, my daughter is now as we speak at the Dream Center in LA and doing wonderful, can we and others pray a blood line around the dream center and the Angeles
    temple in case of a natural disaster, I would greatly appreciate this there are wonderful things happening there and Gods people NEED to be PROTECTED!
    Thank You So very much from
    Vicki Northern California

  13. Hi Lori, Me & wife live in northeast new England. Slot of people think were safe in this part of America. What is the Lord saying for this area? Enjoy your program on dish network. We want to order a food supply at least 90 days of rations. The signs of the end times are here but some don’t see them just as some didn’t believe Jesus was the Christ in flesh. God Bless

  14. Lorie, I hear what you are saying but I have a question. The Japanese people whose homes were swept away by the tsunami……what good would stored food in those homes do for them?
    Our peace of mind cannot come because of stored food. Peace comes from putting our trust in Jesus not in what we have done.
    I am prepared spiritually but I don’t feel compelled to stash food. Love you all, Elaine

    • Thanks for your comment, Elaine.

      When an event the magnitude of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan hits a country, the entire country, and even other nations feel the ripple effect of logistics and transportation systems breaking down, electric grids not operating causing massive food outages across the country and sometimes across the world. Have you seen the pictures of Katrina, or Haiti and now Japanese people standing in long lines for food and water? Some are there because their home was swept away, but some ar there because the system of getting food and water into stores in order for it to be available to them has broken down. These are the people who could have benefited from storing food and water. I am hoping never to have to look into the eyes of my own children or any other hungry or thirsty child and have to say “I’m sorry, I have nothing to give you.”

      And we can’t leave it up to our government to take care of us either. We’ve seen how good that works in previous situations. Jesus warned us about the Times of Trouble for a reason. Spiritual preparation is paramount, we can all agree on that. But practical preparation is wise as well. James 2:18 in the Bible in Basic English says: “But a man may say, You have faith and I have works; let me see your faith without your works, and I will make my faith clear to you by my works.”


        • Hi Lori. I was looking at all the comments and this one caught my eye…I know should something happen again like it did in Japan…(and it will)…even should all our buckets of food get washed away others down stream…others will find them and they will still be good, dry and tasty…and talking about regret…those days after and event of that size; one would be beating themselves up for not taking the opportunity the Good Lord is giving each one of us to prepare; like Joseph did in Egypt. And it is not that we prepare out of fear either. May the GOOD LORD bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you and grant you SHALOM to your Home. Mark 13, Luke 21, Matt. 24, Rev. 6 and you can email me anyone at Psalms 146!!!

  15. Thank you Lori, I can feel the love in your heart trying so desperately to warn others. I so agree with you and love you dearly.

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