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Celebrity chef’s group feeds the hungry on Spain’s eruption-hit La Palma

By Silvio Castellanos and Sergio Perez

LA PALMA, Spain (Reuters) – Working in close proximity to the red-hot lava flowing (More…)

Wandering dog is Istanbul commuters’ best friend

ISTANBUL (Reuters) – In a packed Istanbul passenger ferry between Europe and Asia, all eyes turn to one commuter enjoying (More…)

No-stress scripture: Nigerian Christians relish Pidgin Bible

By Angela Ukomadu

LAGOS (Reuters) – At the Heavenly Citizen’s Church in Lagos, the pastor and congregation have adopted a (More…)

China’s wild elephants on the move again after day of rest

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – A roaming herd of 15 wild elephants is on the move again after resting for a day (More…)

Herd of wild elephants approaches Chinese city after 500km journey

BEIJING (Reuters) – A herd of 15 wild elephants was approaching the city of Kunming, the capital of southwest China’s (More…)

U.S. awaits chorus of huge, 17-year cicada hatch

By Kia Johnson

(Reuters) – Remember what was happening 17 years ago? The Motorola flip phone was high-tech, Facebook was (More…)

Bees in the Netherlands trained to detect COVID-19 infections

By Bart Biesemans

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – Dutch researchers have trained bees, which have an unusually keen sense of smell, to (More…)

Malian woman gives birth to nine babies

BAMAKO (Reuters) – A Malian woman gave birth to nine babies on Tuesday – two more than doctors had detected (More…)

Pandas a respite from pandemic for Madrid care home residents

By Elena Rodriguez and Michael Gore

MADRID (Reuters) -Elderly residents from a nursing home outside Madrid relished the fresh air (More…)

High anxiety: World’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge opens in Portugal

By Catarina Demony and Miguel Pereira

AROUCA, Portugal (Reuters) – Hugo Xavier became one of the first people to cross (More…)