Jim Bakker Remembers Billy Graham


Franklin Graham visiting Jim in Prison

Today, I was awakened by the sad news that the man who has preached, in person, to more people and won more souls to Jesus Christ than any other man, has died. My friend, Billy Graham, and a friend to millions, has gone to be with the Lord today. Billy Graham was born in 1918 and has left this earth today, February 21st 2018. The year he was born ends with an eight – a number that means a new beginning. Surely, Billy Graham’s birth was a new beginning for the world as he would lead millions to Christ like no other man before him.

Today, in the year 2018 that also ends with an eight, we see not an end, but rather another new beginning – a beginning of an eternity walking with his savior Jesus Christ and meeting millions who he has led to the Savior. Billy Graham walked with and ministered to the leaders of the world. He prayed with every President during his ministry years.


Jim & Lori with Gigi and Ruth Graham at Ruth’s 80th Birthday

He ministered to everyone, from royalty and to the lowest of the low. I know this because at my lowest moment, Billy Graham walked into my prison, threw his arms around me and said, “Jim, I love you.”

The day before, I had heard that he had been voted one of the top three most respected men in the world and now he was in my prison comforting me. The week I was released from prison, I was sitting in the Graham home eating chicken dinner.

That first Sunday, out of prison, I was surrounded by the Graham family.If there was and is an example of a Godly, Christ-loving family, it is the family that Ruth and Billy raised. That heritage lives on in their children, Franklin, Anne, Ruth, Gigi and Nelson.


Jim & Lori Laying flowers on Ruth’s grave at the Billy Graham library

At this very moment, my heart aches with pain but it also leaps with joy that Billy is
walking with and embracing our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Some believed and have declared that the death of Billy Graham would signal the beginning of the last days.

I don’t know this to be a fact but I do know according to scriptures, we are truly living in the final days before the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Today, Billy Graham died at the age of 99 which is so appropriate as the number nine means fruitfulness.

At an age of double fruitfulness, Billy enters heaven, leaving an abundant legacy of fruitfulness that no man has achieved before. Billy often said, “My home is in Heaven. I’m just traveling through this world.” Billy is home. And for that, we rejoice.


Anne Graham Lotz with Jim & Lori on The Jim Bakker Show