“Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.”  1 Peter 4:10

Volunteers are treasures from heaven and the key to this ministry!  Morningside is a community that understands the value of time from someone that truly has a heart for Jesus and the desire to use their gifts for the Lord.

Morningside has been blessed with amazing, quality, gifted volunteers from all over the country!  There are countless ways for people of all ages and skills to help! Many plan their vacations around coming here to assist with special events or just to enjoy working side by side with our church family. We need and pray for people who have a deep desire for loving Jesus with their service! With 42 departments at Morningside, there are countless opportunities to share your unique gift and heart!

If you wish to become a volunteer we would love to talk to you! Your time and gifts are priceless, God bless you for considering sharing them with us!

Volunteer Policies and Procedures

  • To volunteer at Morningside:

    • Each applicant must:
      • Fill out application and intake paperwork
      • Complete a Phone or In-Person Interview
      • Provide information for and pass background check
      • Receive an acceptance call & schedule interview
      • You will be supplied with a volunteer name tag, which MUST be warn any time a person volunteers in any area or department, except for church services. (The special gold name tag may be worn, instead of the blue volunteer name tag, for church services only)… if you do not have a gold church name tag, you must wear your blue volunteer name tag. ( Please feel free to wear your volunteer T-Shirt & name tags while sitting in studio audience)
    • Placement:
      • During your interview, we will discuss your interests, experiences, and areas of expertise.
      • Together, we will determine your placement(s).
      • If you are assigned to a department or church services, you will be introduced to the person you will be accountable to in that designated area.
    • Stipulations for employee discount and Christmas Dollars:
      • 60 hours of services over a 3 month period.
      • Must maintain active volunteer status to continue to get discount:
        • A person will be considered inactive and ineligible after three months of no service ( 6 months for out-of-state individuals) but, you can begin to requalify at any point.
        • Volunteers must volunteer a minimum of 8-hours-a-month to maintain active status.
        • Out-of-state volunteers must work fulltime (30+ hours) at one event or part-time (15+hours) at 2 events in a 6-month period to maintain active status.
        • The list in Partner Services will be updated monthly and if your name is not on the list, you are not eligible for discounts.

Volunteer Office Hours
Monday – Friday 9:00 – 3:00 PM

Contact Info for Volunteer Services Director
LaDonna Chisum
Phone #: 417-779-9206
Email: volunteer@jimbakkershow.com