God Bless You!


Hello, this is Jim Bakker. I have a very important word that I need to share with you today. Three years ago, our ministry was in great shape; our bills were current and paid and we were continuing to grow. But today, we are facing the closing of our television ministry.

Three years ago, two anti-conservative and anti-Christian groups along with the news media launched an onslaught of  attacks upon our ministry. They lobbied and petitioned the government to join with them. They were able to interrupt and take away our main source of income and even cause the cancellation of our ability to use credit/debit cards for our giving for over a year and a half. At the very same time, I had a stroke. I have been in bed for three years, just getting out of bed to do our daily tv show. As a result of all of these situations, our total revenue has dropped by 80%.The lawsuits and petitions that our enemies stirred up to destroy us, cost us millions of dollars; all in all, at least $20 million. Along with these attacks and the COVID pandemic, almost all of our operational services and products have doubled or even tripled in cost. This also caused a delay and interruption in our ability to process, package and ship some partner orders. I believe many stopped giving because of this. With all of these critical events happening at the very same time, it has caused us to get behind month after month.

The overhead of running the ministry has gone up on a regular basis. With every challenge we have faced during these three years, we have made cuts to our operations and expenses, including cutting back our staff by 75%. We have worked hard to restructure the whole ministry to be able to survive these last days. In an effort to ensure our partners do not experience delays or inconvenience again, we have created an Affiliate Program with our partnering manufacturers! By clicking the manufacturer’s link on our website jimbakkershow.com, you will be ordering directly from the manufacturer. Part of the income from that order will be given to help us stay on the air. Our ministry will benefit from the sales through the linked website to support us to stay on the air!

This week our streaming service was cut off for ROKU TV, APPLE TV, our phone APPS and the ability to watch the show on our website. By the grace of God, one of our dear friends was able to help us make the payment to get us turned back on.

We have an urgent need. If we are going to be able to continue, we must get caught up in the next few weeks. I need everyone receiving this letter from me to pray and to give, so that we can stay on the air. We need to get current on everything we owe. We need a miracle today, to defeat the devil!  I am believing God that everyone will give and help us get back on our feet and that the devil will be defeated.

Our network, the PTL Television Network, Voice of the Prophets  is also reaching millions that don’t have access to this Full Gospel message that we are preaching. We are in hundreds of cities including New York and Los Angeles, and many major cities in America through some of the secular stations. Our message of the last days must be released now! This year we must grow and not go under, but go over for God! Don’t let the devil win!

I had a call from one of our dear Pastor friends who heard that we have a need. He said he wants to give a $10,000 donation, and for the people to match it to get this miracle offering started. Would you pray that others will also give? I am praying that some will give a $10,000 matching offering, others may be able to do $5,000, $1,000, $500, $100 or whatever you are able to give! Please call me to give towards this miracle offering at 1-888-988-1588.

The Bible is very clear that God says, “For if you give, you will get! Your gift will return to you in full and overflowing measure, pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, and running over. Whatever measure you use to give—large or small—will be used to measure what is given back to you.”  Luke 6:38 Living Bible

This need seems overwhelming but with God ALL things are possible and with everyone  participating we can see God do a miracle!

I believe that I was born for this hour to preach the coming of the Lord and to help reveal the book of Revelation and the Word of God in these last days. I am determined, with God on my side, to fight the good fight and keep the faith! Greater is He that is in me and you, than he that is in the world! I need to hear from you today. Please call me at 1-888-988-1588 or visit our website jimbakkershow.com.

Together, we must keep the message of the Gospel going forth in these last days. We must pay our network to broadcast the show or we will not be able to stay on the air after this month. Please call right now and give your best gift. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Remember: God Loves You; He Really Does! And so do Lori and I!



Jim Bakker