My Friends,

On behalf of Lori and I, we want to thank you from the depths of our hearts for your faithful and unwavering support over the last two years. We are called to be watchmen, keeping our eyes fixed on the horizon to help prepare the church for Revelation events happening across the world. This calling is not easy, nor does the world appreciate our efforts.

In the last 15 months, we have faced unfair legal issues, suffered serious health issues, and withstood repeated attacks on our ability to accept credit cards for the much-needed donations in order to keep broadcasting the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

When we lost our ability to take donations via credit card in May, this drastically slowed our ability to remain current with our air time payments. As I write this letter to you, we have received word that several of our major stations can no longer afford to carry our broadcasts if we do not pay them by the end of this week.

Our ministry stands today at a crossroads, and we desperately need your help. Though we are standing in the midst of a terrible storm, we have good news! Our team has worked tirelessly these last few months to restore credit card processing, and I’m overjoyed to tell you that within the last 24 hours we received approval to now accept donations via credit card once again through both our call center and our website!

We need a miracle today. We need your help in order to keep The Jim Bakker Show and the Voice of The Prophets Network broadcasting around the world and into your home every day. Whether you can give $10, or $100, or even a Super SOS gift of $1,000. I am believing for 1,000 people this week to give $1,000 to help us make our air time payments.

Please call us right now, 1-888-988-1588 to make your donation via Credit Card and help us Save Our Stations. Or, you can click one of the buttons below to send your donation to us through our website.

Lori and I are so grateful for you. Please continue to stand with us as we share the Gospel throughout the world.



Jim Bakker