Morningside Master’s Media

Every reality begins with a DREAM

Yesterday has vanished. Today is short-lived. The future… yours to mold and shape through today’s media – done your way! Explore your dreams. Spend your tomorrows making your dreams come alive for your generation. You can do it. We can help.

DREAM it! Do it!

There is no Christian TV for young people. We’re out to change that.

Have you wondered how you fit into the church? Ministry has taken on a new look in this generation. Yet, you wonder who is out there speaking your language? Very few today are doing that in religious media. You know Jesus is real and you have faith – but you won’t settle for just religion. That’s how you know your peers won’t settle. You want to make Jesus real to them. It begins and ends with genuine love. You dream of reaching them with hope and courage to believe. You won’t stop until it’s a reality. You can make a difference!

Morningside Master’s Media makes it possible not only to DREAM… but to believe it can be a reality!

We believe in the new breed of young people dedicated to win the world for Jesus through all means of broadcasting. We believe it’s in their DNA. Morningside Master’s Media is committed to setting the pace in “hands-on” training for this generation in Christian broadcasting. Our mission is to build into this chosen generation a foundation of love, hope, integrity, purpose, courage and responsibility that will carry them into greatness for the Kingdom of God.

Morningside Master’s Media means just that – a commission by the Master, Jesús, as stated in Mark 16:15 “And he said unto them, Go you into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”

You are only limited by what you DREAM.

Radical. Powerful. Eye-opening. INTENSE. Life-changing. Relevant.

It’s what’s happening at Morningside Master’s Media. It’s cutting edge and full of energy. It’s preparation for the next generation. It’s nine months of super-charged, Spirit-led teaching, preaching, worship, outreach and radical ministry that will forever shape your life!

Jesus was radical. He wasn’t afraid. He was a trend-setter. He got in the face of religious leaders of His day and told them the GOSPEL TRUTH. He put words into action and drove home His points with relevant examples that people could understand He also said, “GO.”

So we’re going! Morningside Master’s Media is where you’re going to learn about a real, in-your-face gospel. It’s where you are going to get a strong foundation and gain courage to really, REALLY, fall in love with this Jesus you’ve heard about all your life. It’s where you’re going to learn about the Bible like never before!

Morningside Master’s Media is a group of people who will build the new world outreach and become the makers and shakers of broadcasting, including becoming television ministers and producers. You will learn how to build a ministry of your own -including how to fund a ministry. Morningside Master’s Commission’s main goal is to launch you into your own God-given ministry and fulfill your calling!

You will be a part of the Pastor Jim Bakker television show where you will learn by doing. The best leaders, pastors, prophets and singers in the Kingdom of God will minister to you. You will work with guests such as CeCe Winans, Dino and Cheryl Kartsonakis, Dr. Gary Smalley, Lloyd Zeigler, Philip Cameron, Dr. Don VerHulst and Dr. Paul Hegstrom, a world leader in teaching how our brain works. Students attend and are a part of the Sunday church service. Some may sing on the worship team, sing a solo or even preach if God so moves.

There is no one who is better trained and more dedicated to teach the power of serving Jesus than Lori, a woman saved from “sex, drugs and rock and roll.” She believes in living a life sold out to God that is filled with excitement and dedication to Bible standards. Lori has traveled on mission trips and has ministered in inner cities and lived the Master’s Commission life and is greatly qualified to teach others about this overcoming life in Jesus Christ!

You may choose to build a website, learn administrative skills, minister on television, sing, preach, go into high schools and go on ministry trips to foreign countries. You may run camera, edit, direct or even produce your own television programs that will be broadcast live through our networking. You could preach, sing and pray for people – it is up to you! Whatever you choose, you will learn by doing. You can go as far and learn as much as your calling and desire will take you! Your attitude will determine your altitude, or how far you can go in life!

Are you ready?

Ready for a new place in your Christian walk?

Ready to do something out of the box for Jesus?

Ready to DREAM de nuevo?

Then let’s go!


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“Give God one year of your life and see what happens.”