Master’s Media 2013 Graduation Ceremony

This was a very special day on Grace Street as five students were honored after completing a two-year program in Morningside Master’s Media School of Broadcasting. Friends and family came from near and far to watch as their loved ones received honors.

Harmony Hayes received certificates for Producing and Vocal Performance; Brandon White received certificates for Directing and Lighting; Jonathan Moore received certificates for Camera Operation and Creative Food Design; Jillian Flischel received certificates for Camera Operation and Stage Operation; and Melody Hayes received certificates for Camera Operation and Web Development.

Caleb Gordon opened this special edition of the Jim Bakker Show by doing a stellar job of announcing. Zach Drew, the Vice President and Director of Morningside Master’s Media and the co-host and announcer of the daily Jim Bakker Show, shared how this was what the school is all about – discipling the students in media. Zach was very proud of the job Caleb was doing. Continue reading

Restoration At Heritage; Blast From the Past

Dale Hill, Pastor Jim’s first director from 46 years ago at CBN, was able to attend the Restoration Celebration and speak to the Master’s Media students.

He has been working in ministries all these years as a director and honing his craft. Pastor Jim said Dale’s skills were priceless and the lessons learned from him by the Master’s students were immeasurable.

During a session with the students, Melody Hayes said she learned from Mr. Hill that focus and dedication were how he learned with Pastor Jim. Through trial and error for hours and hours on end, they worked many nights perfecting the shows that were unknown in the Christian world. It was uncharted territory for both of them. Hill said that if Your relationship with God is strong enough, then your calling to Him cannot be shaken. Continue reading

A Powerful Outpouring On Grace Street

Last night, the Holy Spirit rained down on those in attendance at a special service led by Pastor Lloyd Zeigler, Bill Mulder and the members of the Master’s Commission team leading the worship.

After a powerful opening of worship that extended much longer than anyone had planned, Pastor Ziegler shared a powerful word about the chains that the enemy places upon us and the significance of Jesus paying the price for us.

“I was in Memphis, Tennessee,” Pastor Ziegler said, Continue reading

Master’s Media Students Begin “Cobblestone” Tradition

Many schools have traditions when students reach graduation.  Some have class trips to Florida or Mexico.  Some have a party on campus for all the graduates.

Master’s Media students paint a different picture when it comes to graduation celebrations.

Students spent time this week on Grace Street painting the “cobblestones.”  The students chose their colors to leave their unique mark on the street at the heart of Morningside.  Several graduates invited their classmates to join them in what’s becoming a tradition among upcoming graduates.

The graduating students will be honored Friday, March 30th during a special taping of the Jim Bakker Show.