Bad Economic News For US and Eurozone

Revolución 6:3-4 NCV Cuando el Cordero abrió el segundo sello, Oí al segundo ser viviente que decía:, "Venir!" Entonces salió otro caballo, una roja. El que lo montaba le fue dado poder para quitar la paz (prosperidad, resto) de la tierra y hacer que la gente se mata entre sí (carnicero, masacre, para mutilar con violencia, en las calles), y le fue dada una gran espada (asesinos espada, terrorista, fuerte, poderoso, gran temor).

"Contra viento y marea, los marcos de la de la economía mundial, político, y los sistemas sociales están siendo sacudido y están empezando a desmoronarse ".

-Jim Bakker en "la prosperidad y el apocalipsis"

The US economy’s unemployment rate increased slightly in April while the Eurozone’s held steady at a record high level.

The news sent all the US stock markets plunging lower in morning trading. The jobless rate in the US increased to 8.2%, hasta .1%, according to the Labor Department report. The number of jobs added in March and April was revised down by 49,000 and there are now five million fewer jobs in the US than at the start of the recession.

Además, the number of “long-term unemployed,” defined as those unemployed for more than 27 semana, rose by 300,000 in May to 5.4 million Americans.

In the eurozone, the unemployment level remained at 11%, unchanged from March but still the highest recorded level. Spain topped the eurozone nations with 24.3% unemployment. Across the entire 27 nation European Union, the jobless rate rose to 10.3%.

An economist at ING told the BBC that the labor market recession is spreading and deepening.


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  1. I do so appreciate your continuous watch over world events. It helps me when I address the people on my Facebook about what their focus should be in order to prepare a hedge of protection in their own worlds! I also value the insights that are discussed on the show concerning Revelation. Most folk today do not want to embrace any of what is provided them in God’s Word because it’s hard to face up to truth. Esperemos, as I listen to your teachings, I can explain this truth in a manner that will be understandable and well-received.

  2. I am so greatful that God has provided me with the job I have. I ws unemployed a year and when I totally surrendered to Him He brought this job into my life. It is a temporary to possible permanent, and the lay offs have been ongoing for weeks now, but God has still kept me there. And if I am laid off, He will provide. Enjoy your show and your books, Pastor Jim. Dios te bendiga y su familia.

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