Iraqi Prime Minister Warns Of “Water War”

Mate 24:10,11 Entonces él les dijo:: "Se levantará nación contra nación, y reino contra reino;. Habrá grandes terremotos, hambres y pestilencias en varios lugares, y habrá terror y grandes señales del cielo.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki is warning that unless actions are taken to handle shortages, a war over water is likely in the Middle East.

Speaking at a conference in Baghdad, Maliki said that countries will need to work together to avoid conflicts in the regions due to decreasing water supplies and increased demand.

Arab countries are trying to work together to find a unified plan that will address issues like poor water management and the need for upstream countries to not block water flowing down to other nations.

The BBC is reporting that Arab leaders have failed in the past to reach accord on water issues due to infighting and inefficiency.

The head of the Palestinian Water Authority took the opportunity of the conference to accuse Yemen of wasting water irrigating the qat plant. The leaves of the plant are a popular stimulant in Yemen.

The US Director of National Intelligence downplayed the threat of a global water war in the next decade but said that demand for water would outpace current supplies by 40% por 2030.


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