New Virus In Cyber-warfare Targets Energy Sector

Nota del Editor: En mayo 2011, el Wall Street Journal publicó un artículo titulado "El Pentágono: Los ataques cibernéticos puede contar como actos de guerra "comenzó el artículo., "El Pentágono ha llegado a la conclusión de que el sabotaje informático proveniente de otro país puede constituir un acto de guerra, una constatación de que por primera vez abre la puerta a los EE.UU.. responder usando la fuerza militar tradicional ".

Cyber-terrorists have a new virus weapon aimed at destroying nationwide energy systems has been discovered by cyber-security teams.

The virus, “Shamoon,” has reported already caused problems for Saudi Arabia. Saudi Aramco, the nation’s national oil company, had its network taken offline because of the virus spreading in their system.

“Shamoon” is different than previous cyber attacks in the middle east because the aim is to destroy computers rather than just covertly steal information. The new virus corrupts files and overwrites the master book record of the computer so that it no longer functions.

Sin embargo, before the files are completely wiped, copies of the files are sent to the control center of the virus operator.

If the virus is able to spread within a system, it could render a national power grid or energy system inoperable for days or weeks.


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