UN Asks US To Stop Biofuel Production

Revelación 6:6 NAS Y oí como una voz en el centro de los cuatro seres vivientes, que decía, "Un litro de trigo por un denario, y seis libras de cebada por un denario; y no dañes el aceite ni el vino."

“Read a book on growing vegetables if you don’t know anything about farming or having a garden. Food will be a better commodity than gold, not simply for consumption but for trading. People cannot eat gold.”

-Jim Bakker en "la prosperidad y el apocalipsis"

The United Nations has called on the United States to end production of biofuel ethanol because of the current worldwide food crisis.

Current US law requires that 40% of the nation’s corn must be used to create biofuel. Prices are currently facing significant increases with the USDA estimating the corn yield will be the lowest in 16 año. The shortfall is estimated to cause close to a 40 percent rise in prices per bushel.

The estimated increase in prices if situations remain the same is on top of a 23 percent increase in prices in July.

US officials have stated that the production of biofuel is good for the country as it lowers the need to import fuel.

“It is impacting in a positive way the cost of gasoline,” Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack stated. “Some estimates put it at 25 cents to as much as $1.30 less for gas because we have a biofuel industry.”

The UN, sin embargo, has allies among the livestock producers in the US. The cost of cattle feed is increasing and putting a strain on family farms.


7 thoughts on "UN Asks US To Stop Biofuel Production

  1. I agree with the UN that we need to stop waisting corn on producing ethonol; the food should go to feed people. That should be the priority, but I also understand the downside of this. Gas prices are about to jump and it give leverage to unsavory nations over us by becoming dependant on them for more fuel. To aliviate this, we should be drilling here in the United Stated, but the current administration would rather see us starve than to allow drilling to take place in America. They are more interested in saving the wildlife than humans; this is even more evident when they’ll protest killing the whales but won’t protest killing human babies through abortion. ¡Por supuesto, the ultimate solution to all of this would be just to repent, ya, and re-dedicate this country back to Him so we can have God’s blessing on us again. En efecto, we’re living in the last days.

  2. That is the first good idea the UN has had in recent memory! I know the “One World govt.” doesn’t put much store by human life, but God does!!!!!

  3. What’s sad is that the crisis goes deeper…beyond the limited crops. I spoke with a church pastor in Iowa how that the US law steering corn towards biofuels makes prices higher worldwide for corn and corn-related products, and the availability of food more scarce. Con tristeza, dijo, “Who cares about those people, let them raise their own crops. It’s not our problem that we are making out big time on this deal.” This was from a pastor…completely reprehensible! Y, in case you’re wondering, I thought his comments were so lacking in compassion and common sense, I made that the last time we ever had a discussion together. The pastor obviously doesn’t want the offerings at his church to be affected. It’s boom-time for him and his congregation…meanwhile the cries of the hungry fall on deaf ears.
    All I can say is that someday the first will be last and the last first.

  4. Hello Brother Jim,
    I just received this article from you after I just send some information to your “news department” about the price of corn & soybeans escalating as never before. I DO hope they pass that information on to you!
    Keep telling the Truth!!

    Dios los bendiga!!
    Cindy Oney

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