Food Prices Skyrocket Due To Weather

Luke 21:11 Il y aura de grands tremblements de terre, pestes et des famines en divers lieux, et les événements terribles, et de grands signes dans le ciel.

"Bien que les États-Unis restent le grenier du monde, une sécheresse, vague de chaleur, ou de modifier les conditions météorologiques dans le Americaines, pourrait avoir des effets dévastateurs à travers l'approvisionnement alimentaire mondial ".

-Jim Bakker dans "la prospérité et l'Apocalypse Coming"

Food prices worldwide have jumped due to unusual weather patterns. Prices jumped 6% en Juillet. The United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization food price index measures price changes for a basket of food including cereals, dairy and meat. The July index, while higher, is still below the all-time record in February 2011.

The FAO released a report for July when they normally avoid issuing a report. The given reason was the “exceptional market conditions” that the drought in the USA, excessive rains in Brazil and production problems in Russia have caused in the world supply.

Cereal prices were up 17%. Sugar jumped 12% to a new high because of rain hampering the sugarcane harvest in Brazil.

“The severe deterioration of the maize crop prospects in the US following an extensive drought damage pushed up maize prices by almost 33% en Juillet,” the FAO report stated.

The price increases have raised concerns of a food crisis like those in 2007-2008 that led to food riots in Haiti and Egypt.


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