France Calls For Use of International Force in Syria

Segna 13:8 Si solleverà popolo contro popolo, e regno contro regno;. Ci saranno terremoti in vari luoghi, e carestie. Questi sono il principio di dolori.

France is calling for international force to be used in Syria if it can be proven that yesterday’s attack on a civilian population was the result of the government using chemical weapons.

“France’s position is that there must be a reaction,” French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius told the BFM TV channel. “A reaction that could take the form of a reaction with force.”

Francia, the U.K. and Turkey have all demanded action by the United Nations.

“All red lines have been crossed but still the U.N. Security Council has not even been able to make a decision,” Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu told reporters. China and Russia have continually blocked strong resolutions from the security council and have been strong backers of the al-Bashir government.

Videos posted to YouTube and sent to worldwide media outlets show entire families laying dead with indications that they died from chemical weapons. Children are shown dead with not a single wound on their bodies but foam coming from their mouths. The foam is an indicator of nerve gas.

Syrian rebels claim 1,000 people were killed in the gas attack but international media outlets have been unable to confirm an official death toll.

In U.N. Inspection Team is in Syria to investigate the sites of three previous claims of chemical weapon use but have not been given permission by the Syrian government to visit the site of the latest attack. The Syrian government denies the claim they used chemical weapons and that all the footage being shown is fake.

Tuttavia, experts say that while videos can be fakes the sheer number of videos from different sources and locations makes it almost impossible for the videos to be faked.

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  1. Why would any country believe this regime?? sicuro, they’re going to say guilty as charged???? I pray that the Lord will intervene..He is our only answer now. outside of what we as united in Christ should and could do!!!!!!!