Chinese Scientists Blame H7N9 Outbreak On Ducks

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Chinese researchers investigating the evolution of the H7N9 bird flu virus that has killed 43 people out of 133 confirmed human cases claim that ducks are the “melting pot” bringing the virus to chickens.

The study claims that ducks picked up various viruses from migrating birds which then mutated and were passed on to chickens. The infected chickens then gave the disease to humans at various animal markets.

“Domestic ducks seem to act as key intermediary hosts by acquiring and maintaining diverse influenza viruses from migratory birds,” the scientific team reported. “To control H7N9 and related viruses ultimately it is necessary to reconsider the management of live poultry markets in urban areas.”

The study also made a disturbing discovery: a similar bird flu being called H7N7. The scientists say H7N7 could “pose threats beyond the current outbreak.”

“The discovery of a novel H7N7 lineage that can infect ferrets reminds us that even if H7N9 does not return,” Oxford University researcher Dr. Peter Horby told the BBC, “there are risks lurking amongst the great diversity of avian influenza viruses.”


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