Supporti di Morningside Master in Wilmore, KY

Studenti di The Morningside master media si recano al Wilmore, Ky per la Ichthus Christian Music Festival per reclutare gli studenti per Media Master.

Gli studenti sono chiamati a “dare a Dio un anno di vita e vedere cosa succede.” They may choose to build a website, acquisire le competenze amministrative, ministro in televisione, cantare, predicare, go into high schools and on ministry trips domestically and to other countries. They may run camera, modificare, direct or even produce their own television programs that will be broadcast live through our networking. They could preach, sing and pray for people. The main goal is not to build a ministry, ma per lanciare ogni studente nella propria dato da Dio ministero e compiere la loro vocazione!

Please pray for our students as they go out and share their experiences at Morningside Master’s Media with others. We’re excited to see who God will bring in the upcoming semesters. As Pastor Jim says, “Sono Now Generation, e il loro tempo è adesso!”