Israel/Iran Conflict Less Likely?

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American officials are stating that likelihood of conflict between Israel and Iran has “significantly decreased” after months of heightened tensions.

The threat of tighter economic sanctions is apparently leading Iranian officials to chance negotiating positions. The resumption of direct negotiations has also caused the toning down of rhetoric from all sides.

The White House is trying to maintain oil supplies during an election year that would be disrupted should conflicts break out in the middle east.

Dennis Ross, former handler of Iran policy for the Obama administration, told the New York Times that while optimism is increasing no one is believing that the situation could not turn.

“While there isn’t an agreement between the U.S. and Israel on how much time, there is an agreement to give diplomacy a chance,” Ross told the Times.


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  1. Funny how things seem to be getting better,just before election time.Winder how it will be afterwards.
    May the Lord Bless all that you do.

  2. giant full moon this weekend here come the earthquake’s eclispe may 20th known as the ring of fire GOD be with us all I pray for Lori’s house every day

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