More Bombings In Syria

Rev 6:3-4 NCV When the Lamb opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say, "Come!" Then another horse came out, a red one. Its rider was given power to take away peace (prosperity, rest) from the earth and to make people kill each other (butcher, slaughter, to maim violently, in streets), and he was given a big sword (assassins sword, terrorist, loud, mighty, sore afraid).

<blockquote>“The fact that we see signs of the four horsemen galloping through our world today should not fill our hearts with fear, but with excited anticipation that we are indeed the generation that will see the Lord’s coming in power and glory.”
<p style="text-align: right;">-Jim Bakker in “Prosperity and the Coming Apocalypse”</p>

The UN’s peace plan in Syria continues to erode with more than 28 people killed in weekend attacks.

Eight people died in two suicide bomb attacks and over 20 had been killed in attacks on security forces in the Idlib area. The attacks included bombs outside the Syrian Air Force Intelligence headquarters and Miltary Intelligence building.

Dozens were also wounded in the suicide bomb attacks in Hananu Square.

The UN is sending in observers in an attempt to quell the violence and reinforce their brokered agreement amid rumors of additional attacks in Damascus. The head of the UN Mission, Maj. Gen. Robert Mood stated that the unarmed observers “cannot solve all the problems.”

The government and the opposition are both blaming the other for the continued violence.


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