Endure Sound Doctrine

Pastor David Lankford preaches an important message on how the Church needs to get back into the Word and teach the truth.

3 thoughts on “Endure Sound Doctrine

  1. Upon looking at Book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ. The Gospel is finished at 5th seal of 7 seals, last of martyrs are being killed, Elijah(with Enoch) first preaches to the lost at end of tribulation period, Read mal.4:1-6)Then the two olive branches are going through the wrath of God partcipating in Gods Wrath, they are killed at the end of this period before armeggodon. 6th seal is the catching away of the saints (dead and living in Christ Jesus; 1st resurrection) 7th seal is the 7th trumpets of the warath of God, the last of 7 trumpets is to finish the wrath of God(battle at Armageddon).then Jesus Christ the Son of God returns to reign over this earth for 1000years.

  2. Amen brother That’s the message for the church. The church has gotten soft and it’s time to now get back to the real truth of the gospel. Jesus is The Way The Truth and The Life and NO ONE GETS TO THE FATHER EXCEPT through HIM!!!!!!!

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