Monster May – Update

Monster May is still on the march!

Today’s headlines are chilling.  Tornadoes were reported across the Midwest, including Joplin, Missouri, Minneapolis, Minnesota and a small Kansas town.

In one recorded video of the Joplin tornado, a group was huddled together in a convenience store cooler.  You could hear cries of “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!” and “Heavenly Father!”  Church, it’s time to pray and call on that Name that’s above all names.

There is so much death now in Joplin, they have a mobile morgue going around to pick up the dead.  They are putting flashers to see where to pick up dead bodies.  Right now, 89 are confirmed dead and the total will be going up.  Some reports say at least 75% of the city has been destroyed!  There are gas leaks everywhere; houses, schools and hospitals.

Storms are growing world-wide as we see the Revelation Days unfold.  Warning sirens are going off in my spirit!  Please, get prepared – first in your heart, and then in practical  ways.   If you don’t know Jesus, call out to Him now and He will hear you, just like those people huddled in the cooler in Joplin.  When this world comes apart, wouldn’t you like to have hope in the eternal life that Jesus offers you?  Things are not going to get better, the Bible tells us that when we see these things happening, they will only increase! (Matthew 24)  Read John 3:16 today, because God gave His “Only Begotten Son” so that you would not perish, but have everlasting life!

I know also that “major flooding is still coming.”  The disaster surrounding the Mississippi floods is not nearly over yet, so get ready for even more bad news.  But if you know Jesus, you know that even the bad news is good news because it all points to His soon return!

The Red Lights of Prophecy are Flashing!  The weather is even more out of control.  People are dying and going to meet their eternity.  The effects of this ‘monster’ May will be with us forever in loss of life and property, and in the ripple effect it will cause on our crops, our economy, and ultimately, our world.  It’s time to turn to Jesus and to pray for one another!  It’s time to come together and to reevaluate our priorities.  Don’t be deceived.  Don’t be naive.  Don’t be a victim!

The most amazing thing about Jesus is that He loves us so much that He is again echoing His prophetic warnings throughout the world to give people plenty of time to see, hear and understand what is coming and to prepare.  I can only believe He does this because He wants us to know that He has us in His heart and hand, and He doesn’t want people to suffer unnecessarily!  He wants us to know that He is coming very, very soon!

23 thoughts on “Monster May – Update

  1. I am glad that we seem to be on the same page. It is still secret though, because no one knows exactly when the “Rapture” will happen.

  2. Watched the show today and what you said about June is something
    that has also been stirring my heart. Worldwide flooding. Farmers
    not able to get their crops in. Food shortage, high prices. Then
    the families devastated by the floods. I live in the hurricane
    area, I am preparing now for that time. I couldn’t help but
    think, if the tornadoes are this bad and the coastline has not
    been affected, what will it be like here when hurricane season
    is here. I quietly and calmly plan and prepare. I do wish the
    solar cell phone charger could be sold seperately. I already have
    a backpack, but this would be invaluable in a power outage. Jim I know
    you are hearing from God.

  3. JIM, Not able to get your show on tv or internet here in eastern Oklahoma Channel 47 Tulsa Lesea network on May 26, 2011.

  4. This is a poem that came to me when I was praying, this morning, for America. The pen couldn’t fly across the paper fast enough (and the words were not my own)…

    Judgement is here
    It will not abate
    Fall on your knees
    Before it’s too late
    Time is up
    For much too long
    They’ve tarnished His name
    Scoffed at His goodness
    Put Him to shame
    Time is up
    Still He showed mercy
    Still He showed love
    He pleaded for them
    From His throne high above
    Time is up
    The wicked will wonder
    The wicked will sigh
    Without understanding
    They’ll all wonder why
    Time is up
    I tell you the truth
    I tell you in love
    Turn unto me
    Your Father above
    Time is up
    For, only those
    Who hear the Son’s voice
    Will be drawn unto safety
    Will be drawn unto Us
    Time is up
    Heed this last warning
    Heed this last cry
    Heed this last plea
    Judgement is nigh
    Time is up!

  5. We would have healed Babylon, but she would not be healed. God so
    wants to heal and restore. I keep thinking of the scripture, my
    hand is reached out still. I believe this year will be one of the
    major years of prophetic fulfillment. God warns us because he loves
    us and cares. He instills in our hearts, a great storm is coming.
    Not to frighten us, but to prepare us. Several years ago, we were
    hit with two hurricanes in one week. It was a trying time without
    electricity. We were not prepared. I had food in the freezer going
    bad and no propane for the grill. Like Jim said about the water,
    water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink. It seems to me,
    things are accelerating. The storms, the unrest in the middle east.
    There seems to be a growing hatred for the Jewish people. This grieves
    my heart. Prepare our hearts, make preparation for food and water
    and have a heart that reaches out in the time of trouble and hands to help. Good program today,

  6. On Feb. 24, 2011 God spoke this word to me.
    Be in constant prayer for those whom you love, whom I love also, for My wrath, the wrath of the Almighty will be now severe and shake down those in power, leaving the weak to administer justice, and there shall be a shaking as never before amongst those of the government, for I have sent a cancer to grow and swallow up the nations so their sickness and disease will be exposed and no medicine will help those of great power. Be ye prepared in your hearts with My word, for only those who truly love Me will be saved.

    Feb. 6, 2009
    There is rapidly coming an end to this generation of vipers, (evil government) you will see very soon what I mean by evil vipers. I am going to smite these shepards of the earth like has never been before nor will ever be. They are wicked unto Me and they steal the spoil of My good earth for themselves, and those whom through their own stupidity and arrogance will even be appalled at their (leaders) arrogance, saying how can these shepherds do this, this is not what we wanted, this is not why we put them in power and they will be afraid for their own jobs, their own welfare, their own safety, to say and do any thing they are told even against their own wicked conscience to save their own souls. But it is to late, their souls are already lost, they have already been lost to the evil and wicked of this earth. They can change NOTHING now, for they are like the children of Esau, evil and deceitful and despicable in MY sight. A stench rises up from them as a burning garbage. I will not hear their useless cries and prayers, for they only think of themselves as they wallow in their self indulged pity. Oh how I longed to gather ALL unto Myself, but their fate is of their own choice. They have forgotten Me and My ways, they no longer turn even in the darkest hour to the God who formed them in the womb.

  7. Pastor Jim, I only recently have been reading your blog, I knew you from TV a very long time ago. I have been a Christian for 36+ years, and throughout the years God has spoken to me many times about future events, recently though in the last 3 years they have been coming more and more about the last days. God put in my heart to share these with leaders and others, so I am sending you “ONE” of many that He has given me. This is the shortest one, there are others that are amazing.

    January 1, 2011
    As you start this New Year, know how much I love you, and that whatever you face, I am with you no matter what. This shall be a year of “miseries”, for this nation, for as you,(the country) continue your downward spiral in sin, the labor pains of this earth will increase. Just know, my sons and daughter, that I am always with you. Look to Me for your strength. Do not be disheartened with what you see with your fleshly eyes, for it must come, but that is why I came, to save the lost, and to do My Fathers will. Even now, I do My Fathers will. Let your heart rejoice in the Lord your God, for your redemption draws ever nearer. Be good stewards of My Word, and share it with all who will listen. Go in peace this day.

  8. Pastor Jim, Almost daily I reserch the news, every morning during the week I watch your program, then I reserach the news some more. The early evening hours I study the bible including prophecy. I believe as you say, “The horses are out of the barn.”

    When I watch your broadcasts and the news my heart weeps for the victims. I want you to know you have a partner out here in Sacramento, CA. The Bible and you have inspired me to help prepare for others and myself. To date God has blessed me to have acquired enough food and water supplies to keep 30 people alive for a year. Classes utilizing the “When All Plans Fail” workbook and charts have been taught.

    Keep teaching, preaching, encouraging, and sounding the alarm. God Bless! Mike

  9. We have already been told the price of corn is going to double here in Baja Mexico in the next couple of months. As you know corn is the main staple of the Mexican people for their tortillas. We have told everyone we know to plant corn and tomatoes. Tomatoes recently went up to over $50.00 (fifty dollars) a case. Please keep us in your prayers as we have you in ours. We have housing here if someone needs it on a temporary basis. God Bless, Brian Hatch, Director

  10. Dear Jim,

    My family and I are preparing. I am using facebook to share the things I learn from your teaching. I was so saddened by the way people were mocking this last weekend the end of the world prophecy. I did not agree with the man, but it did show me that we need to continue sharing the message of Jesus because there are still so many who don’t know Jesus.

    My husbands nephew was making fun of the end of the world and that he was going to be drinking beer. I commented that one day we would be caught up to meet Jesus and then what would he say. He commenced to tell us that he believed in natural selection and practiced shakra and enlightenment meditation. How sad to hear that family members are falling away. The bible says there will be scoffers. We must continue to spread the good news.

    Thank you for all that you and Lori do. I love you and am so thankful that you came back to share the good news!!

    • The same thing happened right before hurricane Katrina. A group of people thought is was funny that a hurricane was coming. They laughed and mocked the rain and winds. These same people thought it would be fun to ride out the waves and have a hurricane party. Needless to say, they are ALL in the bottom of the Gulf now. 🙁 its very sad that many laugh and scoff @ judgement coming from the Lord. If it bothers us, how much more does it bother the Lord Almighty.

  11. Jim,

    So grateful for the prophecies you have given. I watch you online continually. I’m in California and I do not take your warnings lightly. Everything you have said has come to pass. Please keep my family in your prayers as I am praying to see if God wants us to go or stay. So glad we have you for such a time as this.

    • Hi Judy, im also in Socal and well aware of the prophecy of tsunami and big earthquake in western coast. i am preparing spiritually first to be right with god and pray for his guidance. i also prepared for food and water but debating whether to leave temporarily or permanently. it would be nice to share your guidance with mine and ask god to be in control. u can email me. god bless.

  12. I read your Monster May blog but before i did I already KNEW that this is the BEGINNING OF MONSTER MAY I can feel it deep in my soul! Im not excited about the devistation it SADDENS ME but im excited about GODS WORD COMING TRUE IM excited how HE KNOWS ALL and has our ETERNITY in HIS thoughts not wanting us to spend eternity without HIM Also I want to tell Laurie Thank You for falling in Love with Jim and giving him the confidence to teach again I LOVE YOU ALL AND YOUR PROGRAM

  13. Pastor Jim,
    Thank you so much for sending this, and for all of us that you are helping.

    Remember,too, the other volcano in Iceland erupted. Also, Look at the President’s response to Israel!

    My son believes all of these things are happening because of the 2012 stuff. Tonight he informed me he has taken on the views of his deceased father, and doesn’t know if there is a heaven, let alone God or Jesus! He spent 12 years in Catholic school, and we always discussed these things! Please, pray for him, Pastor Jim!

    God Bless you always!

    • Dear Susan,

      I too attended 12 yrs of Catholic School, I am 56 yrs old. I think most young adults go through this “invincible” period in their life. You know, I’m young and know everything..until they find out how much they don’t know. I hope you don’t mind me answering your post, but it kind of reminded me of me when I too knew everything…I too will keep you in my prayers..He will find his way…

      Hosanna in the Highest

      • Dear Linda,
        I greatly appreciate your prayers! What I didn’t make clear is that he is 25 years old, and he didn’t feel this way until after his Dad died. He is doing everything to be like his Dad. He knows I am praying for him.

        God Bless you for taking the time to write to me, it means a lot to me!

    • susan,

      i grew up Catholic and went to a C. grade school. now i feel my calling is to help others like me that think they are saved but aren’t. many have ‘head knowledge’ only in fact if you would even suggest that they aren’t saved they would be offended. we need to pray for these people. i will pray for your son. Deb

  14. The tornados have brought great destrution to communities. We need to pray for these people. We are blessed that our communities were not hit. Alot of those churches and families were prepared but the tornado still destroyed there city and homes. Teams from all over Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Ark. were there to help. Doctors and Nurses have shown up to do what needs to be done. They need physical bodies to help with clean-up. Even though our physical strength may not be waning, we can still pray.

  15. Bro. Jim:
    I am a pastor in Nashville, Arkansas. I watch your show every night. I thank God for the prophetic words you deliver to us on your program. My church is going to heed the warning. We must now get busy preparing for the peril that is coming. Thank you so much. Keep up the great work. God Bless!!

    • Lee,

      I’m glad to hear to hear you’re getting ready. It’s coming – and all we can do is our best. People will be turning to churches for help.


  16. Jim,

    Thank you for sounding the alarm. Thank you for sharing what the Lord has revealed to you so that we in turn can pass along the message to family and friends.

    May God bless you as you continue to be obedient to Him.

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