Offenses Shall Come (Pt. 2)

In our own humanity, we struggle when we are hurt (offended). Our first reaction is to defend ourselves. Many times the path we take because of the offense is one of ultimate destruction and condemnation for us. It is said that unforgiveness is like drinking poison and hoping the other person will die. If we are honest about it, when we defend ourselves against false accusation, we often turn that accusation against the offender and develop a hatred that wants to murder the other person with our tongues (words).

The very nature of a defense coming from an offended heart is injurious to ourselves and others. If we do not cleanse ourselves of this poison, we will ultimately destroy our own spiritual connectedness with our Lord and hinder our ability to commune with him. He taught us by supreme example, and He will recognize us by our likeness to Him.

We wonder if those who accuse us are of God….

Judge not for with whatsoever measure you use, so will it be meted unto you. We should treat those who have slandered, accused and betrayed us with all the grace that we ourselves desire when we meet our Lord at the judgment seat of Christ. For we will all be judged according to His Righteous Judgment – not our own sense of justice that is tainted by our offenses while we lived in this world.

When King Saul attacked David unjustly, David would not sin but instead cried out to the Lord:

1 Samuel 24:12
Let the Lord judge between you and me, and let the Lord avenge me on you. But my hand shall not be against you.

In my own personal life, some offenses were too heavy for me to bear in my own strength. I failed miserably to deal with that offense in the way that God would lead. My failures led to my estrangement from Him in a way that brought leanness to my soul and I ultimately fell on my face in repentance and cried out to him for mercy – and here is a key – I cried out for mercy for the offender as well. There is no offense that is worth even a cursory estrangement from our Lord.

Even when your offender is dead wrong, never allow your own sense of entitlement to justice to cause you to sin against God by retaliating.

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  1. Shalom Jim –

    This concept you speak of is directly related to the Hebrew concept of LASHON HARAH, or THE EVIL TONGUE. It’s noted that what we say about others in negative terms has effects on us, the other party, and third parties.

    This is also related to Christ warning us: it’s what comes OUT of the mouth that defiles us.

    Speech is directly from G-d. It’s the first aspect of his being he reveals in Genesis 1:1. It’s given to us in his image, and we have to be very careful with it.

    I watch your show avidly, and let me say, you are on the money, on many things.

    Best to you,


  2. Offenses Shall Come (Pt. 2)
    Dear Sir,
    Thank you for those enlightening words.
    We thank Jesus for the wonderful parables he has given us, which we can use to live a good moral life.
    Like the parable of the sower tells us, it is so easy to be sown onto the rocky soil, where this type of believer has no foundation to grow their roots, and when bad times come, they whither and like Mark 4:17 tells us:-
    ….immediately they are offended…(KJV).
    As we know friends, once this happens, it is so easy to commit sin towards our neighbours, and not follow the second commandment. When we become offended our hearts, minds and souls become unfit for the purposes of spreading the Gospel of Jesus. Why? well one reason is that we are aggressive inside, where we really need to be loving inside in order to spread the word of god unto all nations effectively. Our foes, if we truly believe in Jesus should become our friends, and with faith in Jesus, we know friends that this difficulty is overcome, and our roots set themselves firm in the good soil, a place where the devil can’t easily uproot us.
    So, thank you Jesus for giving us the power of the Holy Spirit to resist being offended in times of trouble, and may the light of your father be with us always. Amen.
    Thank you sir for your ministry, and your unceasing proclamation of Jesus’ love.
    God bless.
    Kind regards,

  3. He is the same, yesterday, today and forever, that’s our God.
    This I have learned during my walk with my Lord, yes, at first I am awed, to even believe that the same people that in my face said, “I love you, honey”, while they pierced my back slowly with a dagger. My pain inflicted to the deepest innermost parts of my soul as I grieved with such betrayal. Stunned, shunned and kick aside like yesterdays trash….I walked away in disbelief, rejected and slandered; yet not a word came in my defense, not from me, nor anyone. Hot, salty tears, flowed from my eyes as slowly I continued on with my shame. Almost like a zombie, listless with a tad of hope I gently get caressed, as Holy Spirit gives me a tug and says, “beloved, it’s in my hands…give it all to me, and let it go” watch me for vengeance is MINE he continues to say, sit back and SEE the reward of the wicked”. It’s not to bost in any regard, only to know to forgive is devine. I walk in peace and victory, walk in the spirit and not in the flesh. I have learned to forgive them, for they don’t know what they do,…I pray for my enemies, and pray for lost souls, for God is God alone, I am only a servant, that has been forgiven, by being washed in the precious crimson flow, the sweet blood of Jesus.
    Love you Jim and Lori.

  4. Marilyn, thank you for replying. I am going through the exact same thing as you!!! Last night i felt like giving up on him, but ran to God for guidance! Thank you for posting your reply! Thanks for allowing God to speak to me through your reply.
    I must fight the good fight and remain in the friut of the spirit!

  5. I thank you, Jim, For writing “Offenses Shall Come”. My husband shows no respect for all that I do and has no empathy for my feelings. I forgive him daily, hourly & nightly. I’m sitting in my tiny office at 2:30 a.m. on 04-09-13, thinking about how I’m going to face him in the morning and God led me to Goggle The Jim Bakker Show. I did and clicked on your most recent blog. You reminded me to keep my mouth shut, to quit defending myself and to keep on forgiving him. I turned him over to God, November 16, 2011, the day of our marriage and many times since, during the past 15 months. Why do I keep defending myself, which causes him extreme anger, frightens our 5 dogs and stresses me out? You are so right, my husband does not have God’s heart for me and his angry words do challenge my very identity in Jesus. We are together 24/7, many days, because he was recently awarded 100% disability by V.A., because of health problems caused by his Vietnam Service of 4 years. I printed a hard copy of this blog and will keep it in my Bible to remind me to be more patient & understanding with my husband. I will keep forgiving him and I will keep on taking good care of him even when he is totally unlovable & unbearable. Just knowing that MorningSide is only a 3 hour drive from my home in AR, is a great comfort to me. I drive over for a visit a couple times a year, on days that you are in production of new television programs. I DVR and watch every program. I was on Grace Street for Passover celebration, way in the back, near cafe entrance, for both days. I’m a Baptist Pastor’s daughter, been attending church my entire life and at 69 yrs young, I know this was the most “uplifting” & “Holy” service that I’ve attended. Thank you for sharing Rabbi Jonathan Cahn with all of us. I thank you for ALL you & Lori do to keep us informed about the “end time events”. I know how hard you work with very little sleep. You are loved and appreciated. Never, never, give up! You & Lori are blessed by God and we all need you. I hope to drive over on April 17 to say “Hi” to you & Lori and listen to John Paul Jackson.Your sister in Christ, Mariyn

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