Prepping for Fun!

Proverbs 17:22 A cheerful heart is good medicine but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

Months ago, John Shorey mentioned that when you are storing food for difficult times that you must remember “comfort” food.  That is so true and has stuck with me. Having some fun during times of trouble provides comfort as well! Jim and I love to play games and do things together as a family.   Laughter lifts the spirit and brings people together!  When you are preparing for times of trouble, don’t forget to include some items that will bring smiles too! 

In this day and age, our children rely heavily on being entertained instead of entertaining themselves.   You have to admit it though, adults are just as guilty.  By providing the tools for creativity and fun, you will be bringing good medicine into a very trying time to everyone!

For instance; help promote communicating with each other by creating a mailbox for everyone out of a shoebox.  What better way to cheer someone up than a little note just for them?

Here are other ideas for prepping for fun!

  1.  A box of art supplies,  a couple of reams of  typing paper, scissors, glue, crayons, markers, old shoe boxes, ruled notebook paper, envelopes, old cards, ruler, Plastic party cups  and string or yarn. You can also invest in a whole roll of butcher paper for an endless supply of beautiful art paper!
  2. Board games (you know you have them up on the top shelf) add to your collection and have game tournaments!  A good bible trivia game will also inspire a bit of studying!
  3. Card games – these are easy to keep in a backpack and the varieties of games are endless!
  4. Stock up on some yarn that is on sale and invest in a couple of how-to books and supplies for knitting and crocheting.  Not only will many learn a new skill, it’s a great way to create something special and useful for a gift.
  5.  Inexpensive gifts such as bubbles, jump rope, word game and puzzle books, balls and funny straws.  Blocks are always a favorite and a container of Lego’s will be a huge hit!
  6.  Print up words to songs everyone will love to sing and file them for later!  Raising voices in song can brighten just about any dreary day!
  7. Books, books and more books!!!

God wants us to be prepared spiritually, physically and mentally as well.  Laughter opens the heart to Him and brings a smile during uncertain times!

I can’t wait to hear your ideas!



5 thoughts on “Prepping for Fun!

  1. Love this and thank you!!!!! I’m on it for sure and the other ideas, thanks ladies. I also made a homemade air conditioner that I saw on youtube. Girl, it’s the bomb! I live in FL and any little bit of coolness will help. It’s the one with the 5 gallon bucket (Home depot the orange one), 5 gallon Styrofoam liner to put inside of it (gander mountain or a fishing store may have it). A portable fan that has the 12v (Walmart in the car accessories area or rv area) to fit within the solar generator and ICE. #STAYCOOL It has been a barrel of fun to make and quite unique. Here’s the link. Made two of them so far, one for me and one to give to a friend. The rest I’m selling! No just playing. hahahahahaha I love this blog keep the ideas coming. Oh, and don’t forget to load up on vitamins, deodorant, bath wash, soaps, toothpaste. I was in Walmart not too long ago and the pharmacy dept. had a huge barrel of all kinds of cough meds, ointments, sinus tabs you name it with a long exp. date on them. The cost? .88 I went nuts and have a suitcase filled with those kinds of things. You have to prepare as if you have your own grocery store. That’s what came to me, even if you never used it before buy it!

    Love you, bunches.

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  2. Thank you Lori for these great ideas. I will definitely get these supplies. I also heard crayon will last 30 mins if you burn it. I wanna come to the Expo but can’t get know one to come with me

  3. Excellent ideas! Prepping is an endless thing to do and so true to prep for entertainment and mental health as well as the physical body. Cloth and disposable diapers and menstrual pads are good to have around depending if you have water to wash or not. Buying winter boots and coats in sizes ahead at thrift stores is handy. Socks and underwear are great to have extras of too. Thanks for your ideas, Lori! Keep em coming please!

  4. This was full of great ideas. I can’t wait to share this with our class in Callender, Iowa. As I was praying one day about what else we can do for our little town in Iowa God showed me to put together plans to start school for 1st through 5th grade. As I was praying for further direction He directed me to start finding common ground in relationship with with a particular teacher that lives in Callender. She’s an excellent teacher but not someone who has their eyes open to what is happening. God Bless it, he set me up to build a friendship with her. Isn’t God just the best! Bless you! Thank you for all you are doing. We will be at the expo and looking forward to learning more.

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