Rabbi Judah ben Samuel’s Prophecies

Pastor Jim Bakker shares prophecies dated back to 1217 that have been fulfilled.


3 thoughts on “Rabbi Judah ben Samuel’s Prophecies

  1. Dear Pastor Jim and Lori – Thank you for all you do to keep us informed about the days in which we live and prepared. I pray for God’s safe keeping, blessing on your ministry and for the supernatural protection of your “mountain” and all who dwell there. Jesus IS coming soon!

  2. Dear Jim,
    My husband and I have been watching your show on the internet because we don’t have Daystar channel. I am impressed with the full circle turn you have taken from the late PTL show. God has truly turned you around and made a difference in your ministry.
    As we watch events unfolding, we see the words of the prophets of old coming to life before our eyes. I never thought I would live to see the Rapture but that my children would. I don’t believe that now . We are on a rapid flow in that direction. Inflation is world wide, children and adults alike disrespectful to others, crime on a huge rise, brother against brother, child against parent. We have been preparing for 2 yrs. the best we are able too. Canning all that is available and that we grow. Preparing for the worst and praying for the best.
    The Sodom lifestyle that has took over is the major downfall of the US. I sat and cried the day of the Supreme Court ruling knowing the was huge nail in our coffins .
    I had a dream about 6 months ago that pointed toward the fire that will fall on us for our ungodly decisions, for the great falling away from the truth, we have left our first love, forgot who the Maker and Creator of who we are is.
    Thank you for speaking the truth when few have the courage to do so. Continue in boldness, preaching the gates of hell for many are at hand. No one wants to preach Hell anymore, they choose the Your Good, I’m Good, Gods Good and Goodbye sermons. The easy way out but judgment is at hand for those who don’t preach the whole word of God, sin is real, Hell is real and without Christ we are bent for Hell on a rapid road.

    God bless you and Lori and your ministry..continue in the truth .

    Gods Love to you all

  3. Dear Jim.We love you and thank you for getting us ready. Early this morning I had a dream about the diesel prices.To make it short,The prices started real low,but as we went station to station the prices went up very rapidly ’til they reached $12 to $15 a gallon.That means a halt in deliveries anywhere! Don’t know when ,but very soon.Felt I needed to share this. nobody can be totally prepared for what’s coming,but we can do our best.

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