The Resurrection of Christ – What it Means to You!!

Sharon Couchman

Dear Friends in Christ – We are dedicating the devotions this month as a glorious celebration of our risen Savior Jesus Christ. We pray you will be strengthened and encouraged in your walk with the Lord. After each devotion is a link to a song that exalts Jesus. God bless you!

How can Christ’s death, burial and resurrection help you today in this modern age? Do the victories that Jesus won really apply to your everyday life? Are there lessons from the life of Christ that contain solutions to your personal challenges?

Let’s find answers from God’s Word and focus on the true meaning of this Resurrection and Passover month.

The resurrection of Christ occurred centuries ago, however, the lasting outcome of this historical event still impacts us today. Centuries before Jesus was born biblical writers foretold of a coming Savior. Those who believed God’s Word continually cried out for a Messiah to save them from the Roman oppression. People thought their Messiah would rescue them as a conquering King. When Jesus arrived on Earth as a baby, only a few acknowledged Him as the promised Messiah. The majority couldn’t comprehend that a baby could be their long-awaited Savior.

And so it is the same today. Many do not know that Jesus loves them and is the one true Savior. Throughout His life, death and resurrection Jesus was motivated by His love for people. Before we were even born, you and I were loved by our Heavenly Father so much that He gave His very best–Jesus. (John 3:16)

Remember the story of Jesus at the age of 12 teaching in the temple? He said, “I must be about my Father’s business”. (Luke 2:49) And that He was!! Multitudes were attracted to Jesus because He healed the sick, fed the thousands, cast out demons, taught kingdom principles, raised the dead, etc. Yet in the end Jesus was rejected, hated by many and hung on a cross.

Our Lord came to restore man back to God and He loved us all the way to Calvary. By living a sinless life all the demands of the law were fulfilled. Jesus qualified to be the pure Lamb of God and was willing to be crucified. Father God accepted Jesus as the holy sacrifice for the sins of all mankind. What a wonderful Lord!

Then on the third day Jesus shed the grave clothes and came out of the borrowed tomb! Now He is seated at the right hand of His Father in Heaven. And what does all of this mean to you and me as we go about our daily activities?

Well, here are a few things in answer to that question. This is not a complete list by any means. As you read these make them personal. Let praises erupt from your heart and out of your mouth for our King of Kings and Lord of Lords!! He is worthy to be praised!

1. Believers are now are in Christ, a new creation.

2. Jesus overcame the world, the flesh and the devil.

3. Jesus destroyed the works of the evil one so we now have authority over the devil!

4. The sin issue has been settled and in Christ we have been given a new nature.

5. Jesus took our place and all the punishment that we deserved.

6. We now have direct access to our Heavenly Father through Jesus.

7. Jesus made it possible for His Spirit to indwell us!

8. We have a Comforter sent from Heaven.

9. Jesus shared many truths that are applicable today.

10. We are grafted into and can experience all the blessings of the Abrahamic covenant.

11. We have the “mind of Christ.” 1 Corinthians 2:16

12. The authority originally given to Adam has been returned to God’s people.

13. Jesus fulfilled prophetic writings about a Messiah who would redeem mankind.

14. Jesus kept all the Judaic laws perfectly—imputing all of that perfect law-keeping to us when we receive Him as our Savior.

15. Our Lord left us an example of how to live our lives.

16. He showed us how to resist temptation. (Speak the word!)

17. As believers we are commissioned to “GO”!

18. Gave us the “Keys to the Kingdom.”

19. Won victory over death, Hell and the grave!!

20. Jesus promised to never leave or forsake us.

21. Jesus is now in Heaven ever interceding for you. Talk about a prayer partner!!

22. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

23. Jesus went to Heaven to prepare a place for you–you will live forever with Him!!

24. Jesus told us we could do the same works He did and even greater!

25. Followers of Jesus are called the light of the world and the salt of the Earth.

26. We have been delivered from the power of darkness into the Kingdom of God’s Son!

27. We are members of the Body of Christ.

28. Jesus gave us peace.

What a God!!

Take time each day to thank God for sending Jesus. Share these truths with others who don’t know Jesus and invite them to join God’s family.

God bless you!!

Let’s celebrate Jesus–He’s Alive!!

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