Mondo De La Vega

MondoMondo De La Vega, Executive Vice President of Television Production and Co- Host of The Jim Bakker Show. Also known for his creative contributions as a Director, Producer of national syndicated television shows. Mondo married the daughter of Mimi Lennon of the famed Lennon sisters. With his beautiful wife, Elizabeth, and beloved twins, Mila and Mateo, Mondo continues to follow the  path that God laid out for his life. His insight on our television programs brings forth a bold voice to the Christian television world and new hope for so many. Keeping hold of his faith, the words he once spoke throughout the world still ring true and he is living proof. “The Choices That You Make Today You Will Become Tomorrow.”

He is passionate about getting “real” with men and women and spreading his message that their life can change in just 24 hours. Opportunity is the door to change.  Mondo is fluent in Spanish which opens the door to many opportunities for both English and Latino groups. Mondo is a worldwide motivational speaker sharing his story.

At a young age, Mondo was identified as a gangster, in one of the most notorious Latino gang in Los Angeles California.  He was taught on the streets that the life of a gangster brought respect, power, money. The reality was that it would bring crimes, guns, the possibility of death for himself and those around him, and the probability of being dragged in and out of jail. There came a time where Mondo had to make the decision to stay in the gangster life or leave it behind.  He began to understand that everything could turnabout in a split second for the good or for the bad and the choices he had made in his past were fast becoming his future.