Prayer Mountain Chapel

There is a uniquely beautiful place at Morningside surrounded by the beauty of the Ozarks and built for the Glory of God!  Prayer Mountain Chapel sits as a beacon above the hills and valleys calling for believers to pray and seek the Lord.

Built atop Prayer Mountain in Morningside, this lovely Chapel envelopes you in tranquility and peace guiding you with Grace in reconnection and communication with our Lord Jesus Christ.  This donated century-old chapel was carefully brought to the top of the mountain and lovingly reconstructed by volunteers and dedicated workers who felt the blessings and promises from God that surround all who walk on Prayer Mountain.

Prayer Mountain Chapel calls out to all for worship, prayer, gratitude and revival!  Stand on the Word of God as you are led to the chapel on the Walk of Faith with Pastor Jim’s favorite scriptures embedded in the walkway as a path to hold within your heart and a promise from the Lord.

Our Chapel holds daily prayer, anointing and communion services, Monday through Friday,  9 am to 3pm. – Saturday at 10 am and Sunday at 3 pm. Shuttle services are available at the General Store on Grace Street.

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