Prayer Mountain Chapel

There is a heart at Morningside surrounded by the beauty of the Ozarks and built for the Glory of God!  Prayer Mountain Chapel sits as a beacon above the hills and valleys calling for prayer and reverence.

This 120-year old chapel was donated to Morningside USA by Pastor Joe and Becky Campbell. This historic church was carefully dismantled and brought to the top of Prayer mountain.  Sadly, the building was not in rebuildable condition but its materials were used to fashion the wainscoting in the sanctuary and the entire lobby. Several beautiful stained glass windows were donated creating stunning colors that bathe the sanctuary in a warm glow.  To help complete this Holy place, Bishop Ron Webb donated the doors of the chapel that welcome all who enter for worship and prayer.   

This chapel was built with the love of the many volunteers, donors and dedicated workers who felt the blessings and promises from God that surround all who walk on Prayer Mountain.

Prayer Mountain Chapel calls out to all for gratitude and revival! A visit to Morningside would not be complete until you are standing on the Word of God and led to the Chapel on the Walk of Faith where each of the 18 scriptures along this exquisite path leads you to a new communion with God and a gentle reminder of the promises from our Lord.

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