20 years of drought creates big problems and tough decisions in the West

Leviticus 26:18-20 “And if in spite of this you will not listen to me, then I will discipline you again sevenfold for your sins, and I will break the pride of your power, and I will make your heavens like iron and your earth like bronze. And your strength shall be spent in vain, for your land shall not yield its increase, and the trees of the land shall not yield their fruit.

Important Takeaways:

  • Years of Mega-Drought Add Up to Mega Problems for the West
  • Twenty years of drought in the western United States are causing havoc once again this spring. Wildfires fueled by parched land and high winds have been whipping across northern New Mexico for weeks, the country’s largest reservoirs are at historic lows and California just recorded the three driest months on record.
  • “When the wind is this dangerous and this unpredictable and we’ve got gusts up to 70 miles per hour on many days, there is no way you can actively pursue putting the fire out.”
  • The National Weather Services said in addition to New Mexico, parts of Arizona, Colorado, and Texas face extreme fire danger right now.
  • Other visible signs of the mega-drought include Lake Mead and Lake Powell, the country’s two largest reservoirs. Their water levels are at historic lows with capacity at just 30 percent.
  • In southern California, the Metropolitan Water District is asking consumers to cut water use by up to thirty percent in response

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