After hosting peace talks China is conducting joint Naval drills with Iran and Russia

In this file photo provided by the Iranian Army, warships sail in the Sea of Oman during the second day of joint Iran, Russia and China naval war games on Dec. 28 2019. Naval forces from China, Iran and Russia all countries at varying degrees of odds with the United States are staging joint drills in the Gulf of Oman this week, Chinas Defense Ministry has announced. Other countries are also taking part in the Security Bond-2023 exercises, the ministry said Tuesday, March 14, 2023, without giving details.(Iranian Army via AP, File) (Uncredited)

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Important Takeaways:

  • China, Russia, Iran hold joint naval drills in Gulf of Oman
  • China, Iran and Russia …countries at odds with the United States — are staging joint drills in the Gulf of Oman this week, China’s Defense Ministry said
  • “This exercise will help deepen practical cooperation between the participating countries’ navies … and inject positive energy into regional peace and stability,” the ministry statement said.
  • U.S. National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby said “We’re going to watch it, we’ll monitor it, obviously, to make sure that there’s no threat resulting from this training exercise to our national security interests or those of our allies and partners in the region,” Kirby said on CNN. “But nations train. We do it all the time. We’ll watch it as best we can.”
  • China’s hosting of the Iran-Saudi talks placed it in the unusual role of mediator in regional conflicts, one that Beijing appears to be keen to capitalize on under the rubric of President Xi Jinping’s “Global Security Initiative.”

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