America for Jesus – September 28-29, 2012 in Philadelphia, PA

“One Nation Under God” was birthed by a vision the late John Gimenez had in October of 1978 when he was preaching at a conference in Oakland, CA. During his message, he referenced I Samuel 17:29 where David asked the question, “Is there not a cause?”

That day God spoke to John that indeed there was a cause and a present day Goliath seeking to destroy the very foundation of our country, a foundation that has always been based on the Word of God. From that point on, John believed he had a mandate from God to gather a solemn assembly focused on turning America back to God in prayer

On April 29, 1980 over 700,000 people gathered from across the nation to pray for God to move in America. This historic march in our nation’s capital ultimately affected the lives of hundreds of thousands of believers and launched a vision for a new America built on Godly values and the word of God.

“One Nation Under God” is a coalition of ministries who unite to organize national calls to prayer for the sake of the church and the nation. Since its inception, “One Nation Under God” has sponsored several solemn assemblies focused on prayer, repentance, and change.

For more information about this ministry or if you would like to attend this amazing event, visit the America for Jesus website.


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