An Israeli missile has struck Iran

iran-israel-strike People cycle along a street in Tehran, Iran, as daily life continued after explosions were heard in Isfahan and elsewhere in the country, and U.S. officials said Israel had struck Iran with a missile, April 19, 2024. FATEMEH BAHRAMI/ANADOLU/GETTY

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Important Takeaways:

  • The strike came less than a week after Iran’s unprecedented retaliatory drone and missile attack on Israel, to which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had vowed to respond.
  • U.S. officials did not provide any information about the location or extent of the Israeli strike, and the Israel Defense Forces would not comment on the attack when asked by CBS News.
  • State media and Iranian sources speaking with various news outlets mentioned only small drones flying around a couple sites in the country, without any reference to a missile strike.
  • Iran’s President, Ebrahim Raisi, spoke of Iran’s assault a week earlier against Israel, which he called “necessary, obligatory” and a “sign of the power of the Islamic republic and its armed forces.”
  • Iran announced that it had grounded commercial flights in Tehran and across areas of its western and central regions, but state television later said normal flight operations had resumed.

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