Anti-Christian Group Forces City To Remove Cross From Logo

Mark 13:13 “You will be hated by all because of My name, but the one who endures to the end, he will be saved.”

The anti-Christian organization Freedom from Religion Foundation threatened and intimidated the city of Steubenville, Ohio into removing a cross from the city’s logo. The group, dedicated to removing Christians from public life, told the city they would bring multiple lawsuits unless the city removed the logo on their own.

The logo contains shadow renditions of important locations within the city. The cross was part of a building connected to Franciscan University, one of the city’s biggest employers and most recognized city entities.

The FFRF filed suit based on an anonymous citizen who claimed they were offended because the University’s building with the cross included appeared in the city’s logo.

“This is an amazing attempt by a small group of people to try to eradicate God and any reference to religion from our country,” Michael Hernon of Fransican University told Fox News.


8 thoughts on “Anti-Christian Group Forces City To Remove Cross From Logo

  1. If People would really get saved they would not wont the ceoss took down. they would know what it stand for. that Jesus hung on it for our sins not for fun. so people wake up and see what happing to the world and what the devil is doing runing to and fro…

  2. Did it every occur to anyone that the reason why this building has been BLESSED with success, (most employees and C.U.), is because of the CROSS ? GOD said HE would BLESS those who are not ashamed of HIM. It is time, that we as CHRISTIANS stand up for OUR LORD. Lets not just complain and gripe what they are trying to do, get that ARMOR of GOD on and stand for HIM. HE has given us the weapons to use, NOW LETS START USING THEM. a CHRISTIAN ANN

  3. we live in a country where u can be educated what happen 2 them?they missed the bus 2 many times thats why they know nothing of GOD their lost in stupidity we can all pray 4 them and that town 2 stand up 4 GOD
    when JESUS died on the cross 4 them and us he hurt badly it wont hurt them 2 make a stand 4 him if they believe in him he will help them save the cross they wont have to bleed maybe the town has lost faith too! if they take the cross

  4. “You will all be hated for the sake of my Name……” how true, how true. The end times are here! We need to pray for those who want God taken out of everything and everywhere for one day each one of them will stand face to face with God and they will hear the words…”Depart from me”. How sad.

  5. This just proves there’s power in the cross that convicts of sin. That means it’s doing what it’s supposed to do. If that is offensive, there are plenty of other countries people can go and have the freedom under their constitution and live where you can submit to that authority.

  6. Wonder how much longer our Almighty God will put up with this behavior and so many other threats and insults against Him and His true followers living in America? His container of wrath must be just about full and ready to tip over. Let’s stay ready and looking for the very soon appearing of His Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

  7. This is satanic rights, where is the power that jesus gave to us on pentecost? satan is offended… He should be bound and rendered speechless by the annoited prayers and words of saints. The cross means more to catholics and people in deliverance, , , than to the american church… What ever happened to counter suits? these politicians should be replaced by believers and these organizations put back in the dark places they came from… God has only a few, , , but the work is great… The job loss in america is the results from a nation that refuses to work for god… God never fires us, retires us, or lays us off… Our needs are supplied period… He rewards us according to our works, good or bad… Religion never received the holy spirit, christians did… That is why they are powerless to evil… No government did either… They tried jesus and ordered the death… Christians were born from his death and resurrection… They received their power on pentecost… Are you one? on judgement day, we will have to explain why we did nothing, once we hear these things… My mother would say, ”are you praying? ”it’s the least we as believers can do… The least… The white house is supposed to be holy, it’s why we call it the white house, , , do you think it will be painted soon?

  8. Now I’m offended. The article correctly identifies the building with the cross attached as part of the Franciscan University of Steubenville. In fact, the building is Christ the King Chapel, where Mass is offered at least three times daily. Without the cross, the picture doesn’t even make sense. I hope this is being appealed.

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