Anti-Christian Lawyer Wants Churches Banned From Virginia Schools

Luke 21:12 “But before all this, they will lay hands on you and persecute you. They will deliver you to synagogues and prisons, and you will be brought before kings and governors, and all on account of my name.

A Virginia attorney wants to force public schools to stop renting spaces to churches for worship services.

John Flannery, who served as Chief of Staff for a Democratic representative from California, says that it’s a problem that 34 schools in Loudoun County allow churches to rent space and meet on their premises each Sunday.

“It’s time to declare that religious worship is an impermissible use of our public schools,” the anti-Christian lawyer said. “In Loudoun County, the churches that use public school space are holding ‘church services’ and collecting ‘donations.’ This use advances religious worship, and thus religion. The government is plainly entangled when it’s hosting religious worship not in one or two schools but in 40% of all the county’s public schools.”

School board member Bill Fox notes that Flannery is well known for his desire to eradicate Christians from society.

“Flannery really won’t be satisfied until we’ve completely excised religion from the public sphere,” Fox stated. “Some folks just believe that the First Amendment stands for the proposition that we should free from religion, instead of having freedom of religion. I’ve been an advocate for the First Amendment my entire life, and that’s not the First Amendment [interpretation] that I’ve studied and that I advocate for.”


2 thoughts on “Anti-Christian Lawyer Wants Churches Banned From Virginia Schools

  1. I have a few of thoughts… first Mr. Flannery doesn’t know / understand our Constitution. The 1st amendment is very clear. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; Clearly we have not established a national religion but it’s that pesky second part the atheists and liberals (aka democrats) seem to forget or ignore. It clearly states that no laws can be made that prohibits or infringes on the free exercise or free practice of one’s faith. Our government has overstepped their constitutional authority — many, many times. Laws have been made that will infringe / prohibit how someone practices their own faith. Secondly, it’s time for Christians ( and people of other faiths) to stand up and fight for their constitutional right to practice their faith without the government telling them – where, how and when. Thirdly, these school buildings are not owned by the school board… they are public buildings, plain and simple. These building are owned by the local taxpayers not the school board, because these buildings are public buildings, the public can rent them out to anyone they want. The article doesn’t say if this lawyer is an atheist or not… certainly acts like one… a bully and thug .. pushing a anti-Christian agenda.

  2. We Christians have been persecuted for centuries and get stronger each time because we unite, pray and most of all have Jesus Christ on our side. We pray for Mr. Flannery and others like him because he no has no spiritual future. He is hollow,

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