Appeals Court Upholds Texas Abortion Laws

Matthew 19:18 ESV “And Jesus said, “You shall not murder…”

Editor’s Note: Throughout the scriptures, God has made it clear that shedding innocent blood is murder, and no murderer will enter heaven. In addition to the death of the unborn baby, abortion also substantially harms the women and many times, families, husbands, boyfriends and a whole sphere of relationships connected to and surrounding each abortion. Often, lifelong guilt and other social, relational, spiritual and even physical problems follow the murder of innocent babes in the womb. Pastor Jim Bakker believes that this issue, abortion, may be the single most significant issue that brings God’s judgment on this nation more than any other.

A U.S. appeals court has upheld a Texas law that requires abortionists to gain admitting privileges at a local hospital less than 30 miles from their abortion clinics.

A three-judge panel for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in New Orleans ruled the law put in place last July is Constitutional and does not place an undue burden on abortionists or women seeking to end the lives of their babies via abortion.

Lawyers for Planned Parenthood brought in abortionists had told the court that the regulation was unconstitutional because it would require abortion clinics in the state to close.  Sixteen abortion clinics in the state have already closed because of the law.

Pro-life supporters say that many of the clinics are not actually closing because of the hospital privilege requirement, but rather they did not want to pay to upgrade their facilities to the same levels of hygiene and safety as other ambulatory surgery clinics.

The decision overturns a lower court ruling that requiring the admitting privileges was unconstitutional.

Abortion advocates said they would continue their fight in the courts to make sure more abortions would be able to continue in the state of Texas.

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