Approaching the Tipping Point: Eric Metaxas; Urgent Wake Up Call to the American Church

Author and radio talk show host Eric Metaxas warns that America is fast approaching a dangerous cultural tipping point, although he says it’s not too late to reverse course. In his new book, Letter to the American Church, Metaxas writes of parallels between today’s America and pre-World War II Germany.

“It is the silence of the American church on a host of issues today that many people say, ‘Oh, that’s not a gospel related issue. I don’t want to be divisive. I don’t want to be political.’ It is that silence which directly parallels the silence of German Christians.
in the early thirties, and it led to the satanic evil of the Nazi takeover of that culture where they crushed the church.”

He believes if only another few thousand Protestant pastors had spoken out, the Nazis would not have succeeded. Instead, their silence doomed the German church and nation while leading to the Holocaust.

“This was not biblical. This was not what God was calling them to do,” Metaxas explained. “But the church hesitated enough and kept silent enough, for long enough for the Nazis to utterly take over and really do things so evil that we look back and
we think, ‘well, that can never happen again.’ And what I am saying in this book is that exactly the same thing is happening again today because of the silence of the American church.”

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