As conditions deteriorate in Ukraine, the risk of greater cyberattacks rises

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Important Takeaways:

  • Russian cyberattacks have been well-tested on US targets, security executive says
  • Russia already has a proven ability to infiltrate U.S. systems
  • “They’ve demonstrated that they’ve been able to go into our core infrastructure, be it SolarWinds in technology, be it Colonial Pipeline in energy, across the board we have evidence of their capability,” the executive told Fox News
  • “There are cyberattacks that would be hard to distinguish between a physical attacks and therein lies great dangers for the escalation of conflict,” said Kelly.
  • “It’s hard to imagine a piece of infrastructure that is either not a target or connected to a target”
  • Last year cybercriminals also shut down a U.S.-based meat plant operated by Brazil-based JBS. The White House said the criminal group was likely based in Russia.

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