Bishop Anne Gimenez Graces Grace Street

A powerhouse of faith blessed everyone on Grace Street today.

Bishop Anne Gimenez from Rock Church joined Pastor Jim and Lori Bakker for a taping of the Jim Bakker Show.  They discussed the history between Pastor Jim and Bishop Gimenez, the outstanding book “Born To Preach” and the way the devil will oppose anyone and anything that tries to advance the truth and the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Anne spoke candidly about the horror of abortion and the way Satan wants to destroy God’s blessings to America through stealing the lives of babies.  She shares her powerful testimony of how Satan tried to silence her voice for God while she was still in the womb!

Bishop Gimenez shared the vision for America For Jesus 2012, the reason Philadelphia was the chosen location after previous events in Washington DC and the way this event could be part of the movement to return America’s eyes to God.

In addition, Bishop Gimenez had powerful words of healing for people in attendance and who will be watching the shows.  You won’t want to miss the anointing that fell on Bishop Gimenez during the program that will be coming soon to your favorite Jim Bakker Show affiliate.

If you would like to read the powerful book “Born To Preach” about the life of Bishop Anne Gimenez, we have a special offer that will not only bless you with this book but a second book, “The Big Book of History.”  You will receive both books with a love gift of $25 that will be used to help build Lori’s House.


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