Jim Bakker: The Lord Told Me President Trump’s Life Is in Danger – Charisma

Jim Bakker said during a recent podcast interview with Charisma Media founder Steve Strang that God told him there will soon be an attempt on President Donald Trump's life, and that Christians need to be crying out in prayer for their president's protection. (Reuters photo)

During the same podcast interview with Charisma Media founder Steve Strang in which he discussed the WannaCry ransomware attack is an end-times event, Jim Bakker shared that he sometimes feels alone in his calls to pray for President Donald Trump.

But another word he received from the Lord has added to his urgency.

“There is going to be an attempt on our president’s life very soon,” he said. “We need to pray for the protection of our president.”

Bakker said the president’s election last November was a miracle, and “the adversary is so angry because they expected to win.” They’re not going to give up until they destroy him, he added.

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20 thoughts on “Jim Bakker: The Lord Told Me President Trump’s Life Is in Danger – Charisma

  1. Dear God, please keep our President safe as I know that you allowed The United States of America to have this Godly man. I know that the enemy is out to destroy him, however, Your word is stronger than the forces that try to control the air ways and media of this great land. Forgive us our debts as we forgive those who sin against us. We give You Praise for protection over our Leader and his beautiful family. God please bless America once again, Lilly Marie

  2. As much as I’m not in agreement with the presiding president I still wish him no I’ll will and do pray for his safety and wish no bad upon him. That would be very non Christian for anyone to feel that way. I don’t want nothing bad to happen to the man! I pray that “no weapon formed against him will not prosper” in Yeshua’s name! Amen! 🙏🏽♥️

  3. I have a gut Feeling These Islamic wackos will Launch their Day of Rage soon and I pray all have what they need to weather the storm that is coming, but mainly the ultimate survival tool the Holy Bible and Jesus Christ . I do pray for our Presidents safety also .

  4. Heavenly Father please put your angels around our President! Give Him the wisdom he needs to stay ahead of Leviathan! Please keep Him out of harms way! Pray as never before, for these are dark times as God’s Children!!

  5. God bless and keep PresidentTrump. May he truly serve us well and be a blessing to the USA. People are angry and jealous that he got elected because they realize they could have run, anyone could run for President. People were tired of self serving politicians.Trump was Gods choice, and the peoples President. His election was a miracle! 1Timothy 2 Pray for our leaders and God’s mercy upon us!

  6. We are all praying for the protection of our President Donald Trump.That no weapon formed against Him can prosper That every tongue that lifts itself against Him he shall caused to be comdemn Isa 54:17 In the Name of Jesus

  7. We need to pray according to Isaiah 54:17 that No weapon formed against (you) Donald Trump shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against (you) Donald Trump in judgment shall be condemned. We need to pray that the truth shall prevail.

  8. Let us start an internet prayer chain…9Am pacific 10Am mountain 11Am central and 12 Eastern all of us will be praying at the same time:)

    Matthew 18:19-20

    19 Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.
    10am mountain 11Am central 12 Eastern Matthew 18:19

  9. It is Our Presidents job to lead this country. It is the churches job to keep the darkness back. We need to pray the will of God and how to pray against the darkness. There is a heirarchy in the demonic realm and mature christians need to know what their level of authority is and how to pray against these spirits. Gods will be done. Pray in tongues!

    • I’m praying for our president ,like I pray for all our leaders
      .God’s word said to pray for all presidents not just trump.

  10. Hello,Blessings to you all.I belong to a prayer group that has also been praying for President Trump,Vice president Pence and Dr.Ben Carson everyday.We are praying that President Trump read letters that have been written and mailed to him that contain words from the Lord Jesus for him for help,guidance and instruction.

    Please pray that all the letters from Staff and sword ministry get thru to President Trump.Chuck Johnel Youngbrandt is the Prophet that wrote the letters to President Trump.

  11. Can a pray chain be started for the President? I’m sure their are many who are with you wanting to pray for President Trump.

  12. LORD, I pray right now for angels of the Lord encamping around President Trump.
    Protec him LORD from the enemy, deliver him from the evil one. Amen!!

  13. The reason Comey and many others will keep getting exposed is because they all thought they would get another term with Hiliary but God put an end to it now. So that swamp is dangerous. Prayer is indeed in order for Trump.

    • I will be praying that God purge the earth of all Hate and Evil. Praying for peace and love in the United States and around the world. Praying God will send a mighty army of angels to protect Trump.

    • It is definitely right to pray for our president but please let’s not get political,all the name calling doesn’t help new people who join this website. Let’s not forget that Christianity has no political affiliation. We are all one people under God.

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